5 Reasons Why Purchasing Bike Insurance Online Is Advantageous For You

Bikes are popular for those looking for economical and convenient transport around the city. The number of bikes on the roads has been increasing every year. One of the mandatory requirements for riding a bike on Indian roads is bike insurance. It is advisable to ensure your two-wheeler is covered from day 1.

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Just like most things nowadays, bike insurance is also available online. The accessibility to insurance policies on the internet has benefited the buyer as well as the insurer. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing bike insurance online.

Reasons to purchase bike insurance online


1. Elimination of the third party – Buying insurance was a process that required some help from an agent. However, if you buy two-wheeler insurance online, the process is fairly simple, and you need not take anyone else’s help. The elimination of a third party means the whole process is transparent, and you do not have to follow up or worry about any kind of delay. You deal directly with the company responsible, and it saves money as you do not need to pay the middle person. Elimination of the third party also ensures you see the documents and the terms and conditions of the policy yourself.

Apart from this, you are free to go through all the market policies and do not have to take the agent’s word for it. The elimination of the third party also means fewer chances of getting duped.

2. Reduced paperwork – Applying for a policy is a challenge regarding paperwork. The numerous forms that need to be filled out can be overwhelming. The process becomes much smoother when you apply for a policy online. All you need to do is fill out basic information and purchase your policy online. This way, you are directly dealing with the company, and the paperwork for subsequent processes like renewal, claims, and upgradation is also hassle-free.

3. Instant processing of requests and claims – When your policy is online, you can get everything related to the policy done online. There is a considerable reduction in time as you don’t physically have to go down to the office and apply for any request. Once you apply online, it directly reaches the company, and the only time needed to process it is the time the company takes to evaluate your case.

It also saves time if you instantly get to know any mistakes from your end made in the forms which are alerted to you by the company. The reduction in time is one of the major reasons why people find buying bike insurance online more convenient.

The ease of renewal is another reason why buying a bike insurance policy online is better. While renewing your policy, you can take a look at upgrading or making it stronger by buying add-ons.

4. Comparison of policies – When you go online, you will find a long list of options at your disposal. The sensible way to choose one is to compare policies in all aspects. This means you need to look beyond the premium and compare deductibles, co-payment clauses, maximum room rent, renewability, flexibility to convert the policy, and coverage. Make a list of your priorities and ensure you check the clauses for all of the points in the prevalent policy.

If you are unsure about the policy available, you can purchase add-ons. The premium of the policy varies depending on factors starting with tenure, type of bike insurance, and so on. Many times, the best policy may be too expensive. To understand how much you will be paying for a particular policy, you can make use of the bike insurance premium calculator.

5. Download it anywhere, anytime – The stress of keeping a paper safe and sound in your vehicle is unnecessary. When you have a policy online, you can download it on the go wherever you feel the need. You need not retain a hard copy of your policy as a soft copy can be shown to traffic police when asked to produce an insurance copy. At the same time, while getting repairs done in the garage, you can simply email the copy to their id, and they can check the same. If you happen to get in an accident and need to produce your copy to exchange insurance information, it can also be done easily.

Bike insurance is essential to ensure the proper upkeep of the vehicle as well as to stay on the right side of the law. If you are planning to buy bike insurance, the most efficient way is to get it done online. The exchange of information and quicker responses from the company itself allows you to get the maximum benefit from the insurance policy. The next time you are thinking about buying a bike insurance policy, remember these and ensure you get your money’s worth.