Amma Vodi Scheme 2023-24: How To Apply, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits?

Amma Vodi Scheme is a newly introduced scheme in Andhra Pradesh by the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The scheme will come to act from 26th January 2020 and the scheme considered to be a part of YSRC Navaratnas. This scheme will be launched to give free education for the school children.

Amma Vodi Scheme launched to enhance the education in the AP state. The main aim of this scheme is to offer quality education for the students studying in Government School.

How to apply for Amma Vodi Scheme?

This scheme is applicable for only those AP citizens having white nation card. With the help of this scheme, the family members will get the money of 15,000 rupees every year. In order to change the level of Government schools, this scheme will take necessary action within two years starting from this year. There are many people who are suffering with the financial problems in the state of AP, due to which children’s education getting affected with this problem. In order to solve this hassle, CM of the Andhra Pradesh wanted to change this condition by implementing this scheme.

Amma Vodi Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

Residential Criterion: The main eligibility fact of the scheme is that only permanent residents of the Andhra Pradesh state can apply for this scheme. So the students should have born in the AP state to get financial help from the Government. So, they should have the residential proof document to apply for this scheme.

Intermediate Pupils

In the first stages, this scheme applicable for only high school applicants. But now, the Chief Minister decided to give this scheme even for intermediate students. So, the intermediate students will also get the financial support from the Government.

Schools in the AP State

Only those students who are studying in the schools located within the state border will get the benefits of this scheme.

Regular Students in Schools

If the student having any discontinuity in their studies, then the benefits of the scheme will not be applicable to them and they can’t apply them to this scheme. Thus, only regular students can apply for this scheme.

Bank Account

The annual financial help of this scheme will get transferred directly to the bank account of Student’s mother. This is to make sure the better use of the money transferred to them for their children. So, they should give the bank account details to the Government for successful transactions of money.

Details of the Registration Form

After the real launch date of the scheme, last launch date fixed on 26th January 2020. Before this date, the Government decided to give registration procedure. But authority of this scheme is yet to decide whether the students can apply online or offline mode of application. When the AP Government announces the details, then the students can start applying it for the scheme soon.

Benefits of Amma Vodi Scheme

Education Sector’s Growth

The main aim of this scheme is to develop the overall education system in the state of AP. Such scheme will help all those students who are suffering with financial issues to support their education. Due to financial issues, many students are quitting their education. In order to solve this hassle, the CM of AP implementing this scheme.

Increase Literacy Rate

In the AP state, with the help of this scheme, it is possible to increase the literacy rate effectively. So, the scheme will help to increase the literacy rate every year.

Financial Help

With the help of this scheme, mothers of students will be getting 15000 rupees and thus, poor mothers can make use of this money for their children’s education. But still, the frequency of the amount is not yet decided properly by the AP Government.

Money from Mother’s Accounts

Proper education required for education development of children. In general, mother is usually more enthusiastic about their children’s education. Thus, Government decided to transfer the financial amount to mother’s account for the proper use of the money. So, the mothers have to apply for Amma Vodi Scheme to get the financial benefits of this scheme.

Lowered Dropout Percentage

Amma Vodi Scheme will help to decrease the monetary problem suffered by the children for their education. As a result of this scheme, children don’t have to suffer with the dropout of school due to money issues. Thus, this scheme will decrease the dropout of children from school in the AP state.

Different Types of Schools

Amma Vodi Scheme will be applicable for all the students studying in government, non-government and private schools. But the rules will vary for each sector.

Thus, CM Jagan Mohan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh planning to carry out the Amma Vodi Scheme to improve the education level of students by helping them financially.