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When creating a website, one should not forget about such an important component as the domain name. It affects not only the popularity of the brand, but also the visibility of the resource in the search engine. Knowing the features of domains, you can speed up site promotion and carry out high-quality SEO optimization.

Is SEO important when choosing a domain name?


A domain name is the address through which users access an online page in a short time. It includes elements such as the top-level domain, country code and other data, and together they form the platform’s home address. Domain should be created so that visitors immediately recognize the name of your brand, main product or service. For SEO promotion to be successful, you need to take a relevant or branded domain name.

A good domain during the optimization process will show the content and goals of the customer. High quality ranking is achieved by embedding a key query into the domain. The search engine automatically filters out sites, because it is already aware of the content of domain names with keys. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique name, because they will search for you by it. So, a capacious and memorable domain is not only a way to stand out, but also a chance to promote a web portal faster.

How to choose a domain name?

The domain name is the first thing that comes up when searching for a site. That’s why its importance in SEO promotion is great. When creating and making your final choice, it is worth taking into account some points:

  • speed and ease of reading;
  • memorability;
  • consonance with other queries in the search.

The listed aspects must be adhered to. Having a key in the domain gives you a competitive advantage. But this scheme only works if the address matches the product or service being promoted. A name that is too long sometimes causes problems with promotion, because the search engine will think that it is spam.

The names of the promoted search queries can be placed in the names of subdomains, in resource sections or page titles. The difficulty is that not everyone is able to choose the right domain, so it’s better to buy a domain name from professionals.

Important rules when choosing a domain name

Names of up to 15 characters are perfectly accepted by search engines. Coming up with a short domain is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. Cheap domain name,like expensive, it’s not always an indicator of poor performance. The main thing is that it is correctly composed. The presence of complex words and unnecessary punctuation in domains complicates their perception by humans and computers. In addition, this reading and recognition takes longer, which makes potential clients lazy to enter all the characters.

Too predictable domains are also not needed, because then there will be a lot of competitors, which is dangerous at the very beginning of a brand’s activities. It is also necessary to eliminate grammatical errors in writing. Users will spell the domain correctly, but still won’t be able to find you at your address. Before making your final choice, imagine how you will dictate the domain. Does this action cause potential problems?

Most customers choose a product by an already known name. This usually happens unconsciously. If you are sure of the final address, then you can proceed to the next step, namely registration. Register ready domain neededAlso Right. Fortunately, there is domain name registrar, on which it is convenient to record created domain names. If there are difficulties, you should always hire specialists who are ready to help you with this. They will also carry out activities to develop and promote the resource.