Trimmer Vs. Epilator: What’s the difference?

This is an era where individuals are quite active on social media and love to post pictures instantly on social network platforms. This has made people super conscious about their looks. It is especially, true with women who are image-conscious and consider that body hair does not figure in the beauty standards they have laid down for themselves. However, women, in general, are indeed quite keen on getting rid of hair in the body parts which include the arms, legs, underarms, etc.

You would have come across several ways to get rid of unwanted hair in the body which have evolved from the use of pumice stones to the modern electric trimmers and epilators that are widely used today.

Trimmer vs Epilator

Popular and modern hair removal equipment

There are several products including wax strips, hair removal cream, etc. for removing unwanted hair and have smooth skin. However, there are two most popular electric equipment that can aid in the hair removal process includes electric or electronic trimmers and epilators. Though they are effective in removing hair, they do vary significantly when it comes to how they function and the results they produce. Let us learn about them before judging which is best?

Electric trimmers

Trimmers are unisex equipment for removing or rather trimming the hair. Trimmers also serve the purpose of lessening or shaping the hair. They cut hair to 0.5mm accuracy. You will find different types of trimmers in the market.

You can choose them based on the requirement that you have. The common types of trimmers that are accessed include

Hair trimmer- This type of trimmer is meant to trim hair that you find in different parts of the body. It includes hair on body parts such as armpit, arms, legs, pubic hair as well as chest hair.

Beard trimmer This has to be chosen depending on the density of the beard and is used to trim and shape the beard.

Ear and nose trimmer– They are endowed with tiny trimming blades that help trim hair on ear nose, etc. which are quite small.

Benefits of a trimmer

  • Using a trimmer helps you to get rid of unwanted hair fairly quickly when compared to other traditional hair removal processes which include the use of pumice stone as well.
  • The blades of the trimmers cut off the hair just above the surface of the skin finely. However, they do not damage the skin. This means that they are safe for use. The hair then falls off the perforated shield of the razor, and the hair that remains can be cleaned by removing the blade and washing it.
  • The trimmers are hand-held devices that come with a cord or could be cordless and are easy to carry and use wherever you go.
  • They minimize the risk of injury when compared to using a regular razor. You can easily buy a good trimmer under 1500 to 2000 rs.

Disadvantages of a trimmer

  • Since the trimmer shaves off the hair on the surface, the regrowth of hair is fast.
  • You cannot be assured of perfectly clean and smooth skin.
  • There is a chance for enduring cuts and injuries that can happen accidentally.
  • The trimmer can be put to use only when the hair has grown to a particular length
  • It might irritate the skin


Waxing is considered to be an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair in the arms and legs. It is considered to be a painful technique. But women do opt for this beauty treatment owing to the results they yield as well and because the lead time for fresh hair growth is quite long when waxing is done. Epilator is an electric or electronic device that plucks the hair from the body parts such as arm, legs, etc. when put it to use as they are endowed with tweezers instead of blades. This means that you get results that are akin to waxing, but it can be done conveniently without much discomfort.

Benefits of using an epilator

  • When you buy an epilator of high-quality, it will last for some years. This would make it a cost-effective investment. You would be saving on the amount you spend on waxing regularly.
  • Epilator works by pulling out the unwanted hair from the roots. This means that regrowth of hair would take a long time.
  • It is not painful like waxing.
  • It does not irritate the skin.
  • The hair that grows after epilating would be thinner than how it was before.

Disadvantages of an epilator

  • The noise from the Epilator might be intimidating for users.
  • If the exfoliation is not done properly, it might lead to ingrowths of hair.
  • The process of plucking the hair could be painful the first time.

The difference

Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of a trimmer and an epilator, it is time now to understand the differences. They are

  • A trimmer features a blade that moves when powered by the motor and cuts the hair above the skin level. However, an epilator features a tweezer that plucks the hair using the powered motor. This means it removes the hair from its root.
  • The trimmer cuts the hair on the surface of the skin. This means the hair growth would be faster, and you might have to use the trimmer repeatedly. Frequent use of the trimmer may cause skin damage. However, when hair is removed using an epilator, it does not grow for at least one or two months. The amount of hair that regrows also reduces with time. this makes Epilator the best option for women who are trying to get rid of unwanted hair in the bodyparts
  • You can use a trimmer only when the hair is of a particular length. Too short or too long hair cannot be removed with a trimmer. Also, the stubble of hair that emerges on the layer of the skin gives and texture to the skin. Whereas, you can use an epilator to remove hair of all lengths.
  • You need to use different types of trimmers to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. An epilator can be used to remove unwanted hair from almost all parts of the body.

This clearly establishes that using an epilator is the most convenient and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair in your body. However, you need to invest in a quality product to ensure that you reap the benefits, and it is cost-effective as well.

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