Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile Phones have come a long way since the 1980s when the first mobile phone was made available in most of the countries like India. From being a bulky handset to being a sleek modern looking smartphone,mobile phones have travelled a huge distance. They now have a camera which can compete with a DSLR camera. The processors are powerful than ever and there is a host of other features. Today, a person doesn’t really need a computer to check email and to work. All the things from sending emails to purchasing stock and to reading news can be done via simple mobile phones.

The technology is constantly changing and what we saw recently was a foldable smartphone. Yes, we are talking about a phone which can work as a tablet when you unfold it but it becomes a regular phone on folding it. That is the level of technological advancement that we have reached today. We are sure, there are many new features coming into the phones.

There is no doubt about the fact that phones have changed our lives and today, we have technology at disposal in a very easy way.

There are several advantages of Mobile Phones and in this article, we have listed some of the advantages of Mobile Phones so let us now talk about the advantages of the mobile phones and in the later part, we will talk about the disadvantages of the mobile phones.

So let us start with the benefits of mobile phones.

Mobile phone

Advantages of Mobile Phones

1. Provides Connectivity

The basic feature of the mobile phone is that it helps you in making calls but being connected has taken a new meaning since the day mobile phones allowed the users to access the internet. You can now be connected to your emails, friends and even business with help of various applications available at your disposal.

2. Smart Features

The next advantage of the mobile phone is that it comes with a lot of smart features. You can go ahead and book a cab, measure your pulse rate, manage calendar, book tickets, set reminders, set alarms, click photos, manage health, read books, check the weather, do banking, search jobs, perform calculations and achieve a lot of other activities using this handheld device.

3. Entertainment

You can never be bored if you have a mobile phone and that is especially true when you are travelling. You can easily play games, watch videos, listen to music and do a lot of other stuff on your mobile phones. The mobile phone also keeps you connected to the internet so you can even play multiplayer games now. Mobile Phones have redefined the entertainment on a handheld

4. Find your Way

Mobile Phones are also of great utility when you are travelling. They can help you in finding the way with help of navigation apps and you don’t need to carry a difficulty to understand physical maps with you. You can even find the nearest gas station, hospital and restaurant with the help of features in your mobile phones.

5. In case of Emergency

In case of an emergency, the mobile phone can prove to be really handy. The wireless connectivity can help you in reaching out to 911 or any emergency service in your country. There is no doubt about the fact that mobile phones have saved several lives in past and we are sure that it will continue to save lives in the near

These were the advantages of mobile phones. Let us now look at the drawbacks of mobile phones as well.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

1. Diseases

Using mobile phones for a lot of time can cause diseases as well. In some of the researches, the mobile radiations were linked to cancer. This can be true if it is linked to research. Moreover, using mobile phones puts a lot of stress on the eyes of the user as well.

2. Frauds, Scams and Theft

Even the fraudsters are using mobile phones to scam people. They find it easy to scam people if they are not careful with their usage. In addition to this, mobile phones are prone to theft if the owner is not careful and the mobile phone loss is huge as today’s phones can cost as much as $1000. There are anti-theft apps available for people and they are must-have apps for everyone.

3. Addictive

Mobile phones are also very addictive. Often, people experience a lot of stress when they do not have their mobile phones around them. There are a lot of researches around this and this is why it becomes to adapt to digital detox once in a few

4. Distractions

Mobile phones are also a distraction. They can distract the users while they are driving and it is a major cause of accident across the world. In addition to this, mobile phones can also impact the students as they might stay distracted because of the mobile phone while they are studying. Parents really need to monitor the usage of mobile phones for their children.

5. Security Issue

Mobile phones have led to several security issues as well. It is now possible for everyone to record videos and click snaps even at the place where they should not be doing so. This has created a security concern for everyone. In addition to this, the selfie trend is also quite dangerous and it has resulted in several deaths.

So, we have now talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone and we are sure that the advantages of mobile phones are much more than the disadvantages. One thing that we probably need to take care of is screen time.

Most of the smartphone makers have now included a feature wherein you can monitor your screen time and you can segregate it as per the activities as well. This can help in ensuring you are not spending more than a given time on the phone.