Top 8 Best Submersible Pump Brands in India 2024

Submersible Pumps are the water pumps but do you know what is the basic difference between a regular pump and a Submersible Pumps? Well, the regular water pump is fixed above the ground whereas the Submersible Pumps are fixed below the ground. They are near to the water table and mostly submerged in the groundwater.

These Submersible Pumps are more efficient when it comes to energy consumption and they do not make a lot of noise either. Moreover, Submersible Pumps are highly durable and they have a long life but a repair can be really expensive as well.

How To Choose Good Submersible Pump in India

Selecting the best submersible pump, on the other hand, may necessitate a little bit of investigation. Below, we will discuss some of the options available to you as well as the most important characteristics to look for when purchasing the finest submersible pumps.

Factors to Take into Account When Purchasing the high-end Submersible Pump

Kind of water

Knowing what kind of water you would be pumping with the submersible pump is perhaps the most essential thing before looking into other aspects of the pump. If you are trying to pump freshwater primarily from rain, a slender submersible pump with a higher grain diameter of around 5mm would be sufficient due to the small size of the solid grain in this type of freshwater.

However, the preferred submersible pump for wastewater should have a grain diameter of 10 to 20mm, or at least 25mm for heavily populated water sources, according to the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that switching between submersible pumps is not recommended in most cases.

Discharge Height

 The height of the discharge is measured in column meters of water (CMW). When deciding whether or not water will reach the designated discharge point, this is a factor to consider. You could either quantify this as the discharge height, which represents the distance between your pumping system and discharge point, or as a combination of indicators, including the release height, the push at the discharge point, and the pressure drops between the two points. It can apply both to well pumps & sump pumps, depending on the situation.

Pump Flow Switch

 The flow rate of a submersible pump determines how much water is allowed to pass through the pump at any particular time; is most likely determined by the release height of the pump. One of the factors to take into account is the presence of a flow switch, which may affect the final rate of flow. There are 2 types of flow switches: vertical switches and horizontal switches. The vertical switch is used in relatively small submersible pumps with either a 10-inch diameter or less, and they move straight up to activate the pump and start the flow of water. An additional feature is the tethered switch, which activates the pump by moving diagonally upwards. These switches are typically available in intake sizes of 14 inches or greater. They are better suited for submersible pumps intended for commercial applications.

Backup system

The use of a backup system is recommended because, as previously stated, most of the submersible pumps are operated by electrical voltage, which may fail from time to time in some cases. If this occurs when you’re not present, this could result in severe flooding, and the cleanup of flooded water may be time-consuming and difficult. As a result, having a submersible pump with a reliable backup system is a significant advantage in preventing this. Additionally, your chosen pump should ideally be equipped with a battery so it can be placed to hold over during a power failure or other emergency. Consider purchasing a battery that has enough power to keep you going for several hours in a contingency situation.

It is always better to buy Submersible Pumps from a good brand and do you know which are the best Submersible Pumps Brands in India? Well, let us have a look at it.

submarsible pumps india

List of Best Submersible Pump Brands in India

1. Kirloskar

Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP With Control Panel Single Phase

Kirloskar is a popular Indian brand when it comes to power generation and water pumps. The company was founded in 1888 and today, the company has its headquarters in Pune. Kirloskar not only manufactures Submersible Pumps for domestic use but it also exports its products to over 70 countries. The pumps from Kirloskar are highly reliable and they are also available in different variants so as to provide you with what you need. If you want something really reliable then you can certainly trust Kirloskar as it is also the largest pump and valve manufacturer in India.

2. CRI

CRI Submersible Pump 1 HP, 10 Stage Pump, 65 meter head, with Digital Control Starter/Panel by SwitchWell

CRI is the next brand on our list and this brand was established over 50 years ago. The best part about CRI is that it has a huge sales and service network. So, when you buy a submersible pump from CRI, you will get access to over 1500 services centres of the company. Moreover, the company has its presence across the globe and it supplies products to over 120 countries. The company manufactures agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and solar pumps. The product line is extensive and hence you get a lot of options to choose from while you are shopping for a Pump from CRI.

3. Crompton

Next on our list is Crompton and this is a company similar to Kirloskar. The company was founded in 1878 and headquarter of Crompton is located in Mumbai. Crompton manufactures submersible pumps for residential use, agricultural use as well as a special use. Each category has different types of pumps available but one thing is common between all these pumps. All these submersible pumps from Crompton are designed for low power consumption. If you are looking for something that is reliable and that comes with a long warranty then it would make a lot of sense to go with a pump from Crompton.

4. Texmo

Another market leader for submersible pumps in India is Texmo. The company was incepted in 1956 and since then it is serving the people with help of technology, quality and service. These are three key points of the products offered by Texmo. The company not only manufactures submersible pumps but it also manufactures many different kinds of pumps for the people. If you are looking for a pump that is easy to maintain and has a low weight to power ratio then Texmo is the brand that you must look for. It should be noted that some of the Texmo pumps are also marketed under the name of Taro.

5. KSB

Next brand on our list is not an Indian company, this is a Germany company and German Engineering is known for reliability, durability and innovation. This is what you can also expect from the pumps manufactured by KSB. These pumps are easily available in the market and you can choose from the wide product line of this company. There are pumps for each type of need and hence you get a lot of variety to choose from. The pumps from KSB are widely used in agricultural and manufacturing industries.

6. V Guard

V Guard V-Guard Submersible Pump

On number 6, we have V-Guard Industries and it is an Indian brand which has its headquarters in Kochi in Kerala. The company was incepted in 1977 and since then it has established itself in the market. Today, the company manufactures electrical appliances like stabilizers, motors, geysers and coolers. One of the most reliable product from the company includes submersible pumps. The pumps from the company are available in varying capacity and they are actually made of high-quality material which ensures that the pump is very durable. The V Guard pumps are also affordable and hence they have become a preferred choice for agricultural use as well as industrial use all across India. There are more than 13 types of submersible pumps manufactured by V Guard which offers a wide range of selection to the prospective buyers.

7. Oswal

Next on our list is Oswal and the brand is true to its motto. The tag line of the brand is quality, reliability and excellence. There is no doubt about the fact that the company manufactures submersible pumps which are of very sturdy quality offering reliable experience. Talking about the history of the brand, the company was setup in the year 2000 and it has experienced high growth since then. There are many products from the company which are also exported out of the country. Apart from submersible pumps, Oswal also manufactures monoblock pumps, sewage pumps, pressure pumps, cables, PVC Pipes and other such products. The brand has different types of submersible pumps which can be selected as per the usage and the requirements. Oswal is expanding its product line with time.

8. Prakash

The next brand on our list specializes only in pumps and hence the products are of the best quality. The aim of Prakash Pumps is to become of the leading manufacturer of the pumps in Asia by 2022 and the company is surely working hard for it. The brand manufactures a lot of different types of pumps along with the accessories to support the installation of the pump. There is a lot of variety available in submersible pumps and you can surely check out all the different kind to find the best suitable model for you. These pumps are not only used in domestic areas but they are widely used in agriculture and industries. You can also request a consultation from one of the engineers from Prakash who can suggest you the best product to match your need.

These are the best Submersible Pumps brand in India and you can get in touch with the company directly or you can even look online for purchasing Submersible Pumps. Yes, even Submersible Pumps are available online today and you might certainly want to have a look at them.

How Submersible Pump Works?

A submersible pump is a device that is designed to pump water or other fluids from a submerged location, such as a well or a reservoir. The pump is typically made up of a motor, a sealed impeller, and a series of electrical wires that power the motor and control the pump’s operation.

When the submersible pump is turned on, the motor begins to spin the impeller, which draws water into the pump and then forces it out through a discharge pipe. Because the pump is submerged, it is able to push water to the surface with greater efficiency and at higher pressures than a surface pump.

Submersible pumps are commonly used for a variety of applications, including irrigation, drinking water supply, sewage pumping, and oil production. They are typically more efficient and reliable than other types of pumps, and can operate continuously without the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.

Submersible Pump Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is submersible pump safe?

The submersible pump’s motor and electrical lines are waterproofed to ensure its safe usage in liquids. There is a tight mechanical connection between the pump and the motor, making disassembly impossible.

As a result, choosing a pump size that corresponds to the borewell diameter and installing it securely is simple and straightforward if the diameter is known.

  1. For what purpose submersible water pumps are commonly used?

What are Submersible Water Pumps ideally used for? Submersible pumps may be installed in a bore well or an open well. The apparatus is used to draw water from a depth of around 50 feet, making bore wells possible. The submersible pumps are now in service at depths of up to 5,000 feet below earth.

In response to the rapidly falling water table, however, pump manufacturers are creating products with deeper bores. Apartment buildings, industrial and municipal water systems, commercial developments, and irrigation systems are some of the many other potential applications.

  1. How do I know which submersible pump is best for my damp basement?

To make a sound investment in basement waterproofing, you must have a firm grasp of BS8102:2009 and sufficient knowledge of structural waterproofing. For instance, it’s important to understand how the water you’ll be using to construct your structure travels through the ground. Water flow, soil type, and basement floor space are all factors in deciding where to place a sump pump.

 When water builds up in a drainage system, a sump pump may drain it. Pump stations consist of the pump room itself, along with its associated valves and pipes. If it’s going to be used to drain groundwater, it needs two sump pumps.

  1. What are electrical submersible pumps?

Submersible pumps use electric motors that may be either water- or oil-cooled. It doesn’t matter what kind of pump it is; it might be SynRM, Brushless, DC, PMSM, AC, etc.

  1. How long does a submersible pump typically last?

 Lifespan considerations for a submersible pump include construction quality, electrical supply/voltage, and expected hours of operation. The typical service life of a two-wire home submersible pump is 8-13 years, whereas a three-wire model has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

  1. Can submersible water pump run continuously?

A submersible pump can run nonstop, but you’ll need to be okay with a shorter lifespan. Consequently, the submersible pump is best used in a semi-continuous fashion for increased performance and longevity.

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