The Best Tower Air Cooler in India

Tower air coolers come in handy when there is a problem with space to keep the cooling device. Air coolers are considered to be a great home appliance when you wish to enjoy cool air on the summer days. Whether it is for your office or home, a tower cooler can be the ideal choice due to its portability. These are not only energy-efficient but also pocket-friendly to make them the best.

Occupying minimal room space as compared to all other fan types, tower air coolers are a valuable tool when you have a limited amount of space. These coolers are attractive, elegant, eye-catchy and even make the balance of a room without troublesome the pleasing appeal of your room interior. With the stylish air cooler, you can get a cool breeze in the scorching heat.

When looking for a tower cooler, you’ll find numerous leading brands available in the market that offer fantastic designs in this device category. Some of the popular ones are Blue Star, Crompton Greaves, Symphony, Bajaj, and much more. When it comes to buying an air cooler, you should consider key factors like capacity, type, colour, cooling area, speed setting and more. Moreover, you can also tap on more options from the same brand so that you can easily choose your best-suited one.

Tower Air Cooler

List of Best Tower Air Cooler in India

How To Choose The Best Tower Air Cooler In India

Considering the Indian climate it is essential to have an air cooler at home. It can keep the room pleasant and cool at the same time. There are various types of air coolers available in India. You can buy the one which is comfortable and comes from a reputed brand. You can check it from a good source.

Apart from this, you should follow some of the guidelines to get the best cooler for your house. This is much essential for a better product. You must check it accordingly.

  • Design of the cooler:

Gone are the days when people used to have heavy coolers in their home. They used to consume good space in the room. But now you can get the ones that are compact and takes small space in the room. They also come with a smart look. This can also enhance the beauty of your room to a great extent.  It would help if you try it.

  • Check the control panel:

You must also check the control panel of the air cooler before buying it. The modern coolers come with this facility but in some cases it may not be available.  The coolers come with a pop up LCD display controller which must be operated and handled with a remote. You need to check it before buying the product.

  • Capacity:

You must also check the capacity of the cooler before buying the product. It must have a capacity of 1000 liters. This will be enough for 2 to 3 days. You must enquire about before making the purchase.

  • Use of advanced technology:

The cooler must possess and have modern technology. It must have a i-pure technology that will help to purify the air. It must be present in the modern coolers and you must check it.

  • Powerful fan and blowers:

The cooler comes with a powerful fan and blowers and it must be checked during the purchase period. It must possess 7 speed functions. This will help the blower to blow out the hot air from the room and put the cool air.

  • Power consumption:

The cooler must have less power consumption capacity. It will help you to pay less electricity bills. The bills are found to be high during the summer months. This is the time when the bills are high. But with less power consumption, you can pay fewer bills. The modern ones are much advanced and help the users with modern features.

  • Warranty period:

You must also check that there is a good warranty period for the cooler. If there is no such mention of the warranty period, you must avoid buying it. It will be a total loss and wrong buy for the buyers.