Top 10 Fastest Internet Provider In India

After the entry of Jio in 2016, the internet game is really something else in the country. And because of that, we made it to the list of the countries that have the most affordable internet in the world. But this post isn’t about the cheapest plans or affordability, nah, instead, we will be taking a good look at the internet service providers that are top-notch at providing the fastest internet speed with incredible reliability. So yeah, come with us on this little detour of the top 10 fastest internet providers in India for 2024. Alright, let’s get going now.

High Speed Internet Provider In India

1. Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel

Can you believe it? Bharti Airtel, kick-started back in 1995, is now a big player in India’s telecom game. They’ve got around 375 million folks hooked up to their services. What’s on offer though? Well, they’ve got everything from 5G, 4G, and some fancy LTE Advanced, to your regular broadband and voice calls. They’ve got some clever tricks up their sleeve, like letting go of the stuff they’re not super good at and focusing on bringing in the users. Plus, they’re all about giving their customers what they want, making them a top pick in India. And their internet speed? Yeah, that’s something super fast, and you’ll know how fast it is by using it because there is no other internet provider that can match the reliability and speed of Airtel, well, at least for now.

2. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Launched in 2007 by Mukesh Ambani, this company didn’t just step into the Indian telecom scene, they exploded into it. Today, they’re sitting pretty with over 426.2 million users, not just leading in India but also ranking third worldwide. Jio’s not just about 4G, they’re into 5G and even have their eyes set on 6G. Remember when they first came out with free data and calls? And yeah, it’s their wallet-friendly plans, massive coverage, and in-your-face marketing that’s made them a name you just can’t miss. More than that, Jio’s played a huge role in getting super-fast internet to more people, pushing India further into the digital age.

3. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL)

Let’s not forget BSNL though, the old player of India’s telecom sector, born in 2000 and still going strong. This state-owned giant connects over 121.82 million customers, offering everything from GSM network services to fixed-line phones. BSNL’s internet speed might not be the fastest in the country, but they are super affordable ones, and that’s why this old government company is still in the game.

4. Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi for Short!)

And yeah, did you know that Vodafone India and Idea Cellular got hitched back in 2018? Yeah, they teamed up and now we’ve got Vi! With a whopping 219.8 million folks using their services, they’re kinda a big deal. They’ve got everything from the old-school 2G to the super-fast 5G. It might seem like Vodafone’s days are over in India, but you’ll be surprised to know that they are still one of the top internet service providers in the country, with a decent speed.

5. Hathway Cables and Datacom Limited

So, there’s this company called Hathway, and let us tell you, they’re all about keeping you connected. They’re a top player in the cable TV and broadband world in India. See, let us put it simply, if you’re after high-speed internet that won’t bail on you, Hathway’s your go-to. They’re serving up the speedy stuff to a whole bunch of different people all over the place.

6. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL)

Now, let’s talk about MTNL. This brand has been around since 1986, and they’re still going strong. They’ve got their roots in the big cities of India, offering stuff like FTTH (that’s Fiber to the Home, by the way) and high-speed internet that really is faster than you think it is. Although they’ve got ‘just’ 3.28 million subscribers, they’re pretty focused on making city life a bit more connected.

7. Tata Communications Limited

Can you believe it? Tata Communications has been around since 1986, and boy, do they know their stuff in global network services. They’re all about zippy connections and cutting-edge network stuff, really playing a huge part in making India’s digital scene what it is today. This internet service provider might not be a huge hit all over the country, but you’d be surprised to know that in many parts of the country, they’re still beating top players in this game.

8. Gigatel Networks

Gigatel Networks popped up in 2015 and has quickly become one of the go-to companies for fiber internet in India. They’re not just fast; they’re also super good with their customers. Really, if you want speedy internet and folks who actually listen to you, they’re your bet. Now yeah, their internet speed might not be as good as the other ones, like the ones we listed above, but still, you’re getting affordable internet, and that can be a deal breaker for many of you, right?

9. Excitel Broadband

Alright, you see, Excitel Broadband started its journey in 2015 and now, guess what? They’re serving over 800,000 subscribers in more than 30 cities. They’re a big deal with their budget-friendly ‘Fiber to Home service,’ offering no FUP speeds starting from a whopping 200Mbps. It’s no wonder they’re a hit in the city crowds.

10. YOU Broadband India Limited

Last on the list, let’s talk about one more internet service provider, which is decently fast, but yeah, it barely made it to this list. Part of the Vodafone Idea Limited family, YOU Broadband has been in the game since 2001. They’ve got this knack for high-speed internet services all over India, really focusing on what the customer wants and delivering top-notch service.


That’s pretty much it. As of now, these are by far the top internet providers in the country with the fastest speed and greater reliability. And that is something we all expect from an internet service provider, right? So yeah, if you were looking forward to switching your ISP, then we hope that this post has helped you out in some way.

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