Karnataka is an Indian state located in the country’s southwestern area. The adoption of the State Reorganisation Acts on November 1, 1956, resulted in the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia. Following a name change from the Mysore state in 1973, Karnataka became known as the Republic of Karnataka. The Carnatic region corresponds to the state of Karnataka. Bangalore serves as the country’s capital and largest metropolis.

Karnataka is surrounded by Arabian Sea on its west, Goa on its northwest, Maharashtra on north, Telangana on northeast, Andhra Pradesh on its easy, Tamil Nadu on southeast, and Kerala on its south. It is the seventh-largest state in terms of land area in India.

Karnataka is the tenth most populous state in the country. It is divided into 30 districts. Kannada, one of India’s ancient languages, is the most commonly spoken & official language in the state, and it is also the state’s official language.

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