Flanked on three sides by the Arabian Sea in its west, the lofty Western Ghats in its east, and connected by 44 interconnected waterways, Kerala is graced with a specific set of geographical aspects that have helped it become one of the most sought-after best places to visit. Kerala is a state in India that is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides, the lofty Western Ghats on one side, and a network of rivers on the other. There are a plethora of sights to behold after you cross the border into India, including a lengthy shoreline with quiet beaches, peaceful stretches of beautiful backwaters, verdant hill stations, and unique fauna, to name a few.

As the standard-bearer for not only how culture may honor its past but also how it can march forth with growth and prosperity, Kerala takes great delight in this distinction. Some of the achievements that the people of the state are particularly proud of include 100 percent literacy, world-class healthcare systems, India’s least infant mortality rate, and India’s highest life expectancy rate, to name a few examples.

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