10 Most Beautiful Maa Tv Telugu Serial Actress Name List

Star Maa TV is one of the major edifices of entertainment, which brings to the audience the highest quality entertainment in a competitive and vibrant area of Telugu Television Serials, attracting the viewers with a fabulous storyline and an excellent star cast. In that direction, the channel brought out some very talented actresses to add to the wealth of the Telugu television. And these women enacted so many great roles that have created indelible prints in the hearts of the public. Their charisma, talent, and enchanting beauty have light so many screens, and their names equated to admiration and adoration. Here is the list of the top 10 scintillating actresses to have hit our screens as we gear into the world of Maa TV Telugu Serials in 2024.

Maa Tv Telugu Serial Actresses Name List

1. Meghana Lokesh

Meghana Lokesh

Many Telugu families love Meghana Lokesh’s smile and eyes. In “Kalyana Vaibhogam,” she plays difficult parts with grace and charm. Her captivating film persona lures spectators into her extravagant creations. Meghana’s bold and sensitive descriptions are honest and genuine. Her multi-role ability has impressed audiences. In addition to acting, Meghana Lokesh can emotionally connect with her audience. Her infectious smile and expressive eyes take you beyond the TV. The actress is mesmerizing in “Kalyana Vaibhogam” and beyond. Her unique blend of compassion and force gives her characters depth. Her dedication sets her apart on Telugu television.

2. Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy is a Telugu TV star due to her beauty and talent. In “Agni Natchathiram” and “Aame Katha,” Navya charms and performs well. She charms viewers with her on-screen presence and storytelling. Navya gives her characters depth and genuineness. Her effortless representation of a broad range of emotions keeps audiences engaged and eager for her next performance. Navya Swamy’s “Agni Natchathiram” and other roles demonstrate her talent and dedication. She excels at playing strong, resilient, or vulnerable characters. Naval is more than a good actress. Her off-screen beauty and grace mirror her on-screen personality, winning her fans worldwide.

3. Premi Viswanath

Premi Viswanath

Elegant Premi Viswanath’s subtle yet moving performances attract audiences. In “Rama Sakkani Seetha” and “Intinti Gruhalakshmi,” Premi proved her skill and attractiveness. Her cool fury onscreen is memorable. Premi readily lends her characters depth and authenticity. She portrays strong, resilient, or emotionally tough characters with distinct authenticity. Premi’s insightful representations of human situations in “Rama Sakkani Seetha” and other plays captivate viewers. Her sensitivity and grace in conveying emotions distinguish her on Telugu TV.

4. Keerthi Bhat

Keerthi Bhat

Telugu serial viewers love Keerthi Bhat’s beauty and talent. Keerthi captivates viewers in “Rudramadevi” and “Agni Poolu.” as powerful or frail characters. Her screen appeal lures audiences into her difficult storylines. Keerthi effortlessly and honestly plays numerous personas. Her realistic portrayal of strong or fragile individuals resonates with viewers. Keerthi expresses numerous emotions genuinely and delicately in “Rudramadevi” and beyond. Her simple yet strong performances linger beyond the credits. Beyond acting, Keerthi’s beauty and charisma make her famous on and off screen. Her humility and generosity have earned her industry respect from fans and colleagues.

5. Pallavi Ramisetty

Pallavi Ramisetty

Telugu serials star Pallavi Ramisetty’s engaging and emotive performances. From “Vadinamma” to “Suryakantam,” Pallavi captivates audiences. She captivatingly depicts a huge tapestry of emotions on film. Pallavi really immerses her characters in depth and genuineness. Her honesty in portraying strong or fragile individuals resonates with viewers. Pallavi excels in playing diverse characters in “Vadinamma” and beyond. When episodes end, viewers remember her interesting blend of subtlety and intensity. Beyond acting, Pallavi’s charm and personality make her appealing off film. She is regarded in the industry for her genuine warmth and relatability with fans and coworkers.

6. Preeti Nigam

Preeti Nigam

Preeti Nigam’s beauty and skill are praised on Telugu TV. “Radhamma Kuthuru” and “Muddha Mandaram.” show Preeti’s adaptability. She captivates listeners with her cinematic style and intriguing tales. Preeti brings depth and honesty to each character. Her realistic portrayal of family relationships, love, and passion resonates with listeners. In “Radhamma Kuthuru” and elsewhere, Preeti beautifully plays several characters. Her passion and intensity captivate audiences after the programs end. Besides her acting talents, Preeti’s beauty and charisma make her appealing on and off screen. Fans and coworkers like her warmth and charm, earning her industry recognition.

7. Tejaswini Gowda

Tejaswini Gowda

Tejaswini Gowda’s personality and skill make her a popular Telugu serial performer. In “Swathi Chinukulu” and “Karthika Deepam,” Tejaswini dazzles. Her on-screen presence draws viewers into her realms. Tejaswini effortlessly offers her characters depth and authenticity. Her honest portrayal of family relationships and emotional depth resonates. In “Swathi Chinukulu” and elsewhere, Tejaswini’s grace brings characters to life. Her passion and intensity captivate audiences after the programs end. Beyond acting, Tejaswini’s personality and charm make her famous on and off screen. She is regarded in the industry for her genuine warmth and relatability with fans and colleagues.

8. Haritha


Haritha’s beautiful smile and captivating performances attract Telugu TV fans. “Amrutham Dhvitheeyam” and “Trinayani.” display Haritha’s versatility. Her characters are complex and powerful women. Her cinematography draws viewers into her rich storyline. Haritha easily gives her characters depth and genuineness. She plays powerful characters or those with complex emotions with sincerity that affects audiences. Haritha plays several roles in “Amrutham Dhvitheeyam” and beyond well. Her captivating enthusiasm and intensity keep people hooked after shows end.

9. Debjani Modak

Debjani Modak

Debjani Modak’s grace and enthusiasm make her a budding Telugu serial star. In “Vadinamma” and “Rama Sakkani Seetha,” Debjani charms audiences with her honest portrayals. Her beauty onscreen invites viewers into her tale. Debjani writes uniquely honest and empathetic characters. She impresses the audience by depicting powerful individuals or human emotions. Debjani plays several “Vadinamma” and other roles well. Her unique blend of subtlety and intensity lingers beyond episodes. Beyond acting, Debjani’s grace and depth make her appealing off screen.

10. Archana Ananth

Archana Ananth

Telugu TV audiences love Archana Ananth’s charm and skill. In every scene of “Hitler Gari Pellam” and “Kalyana Vaibhogam,” Archana shows her talent and personality. Her film presence immerses viewers in her narrative. Archana animates her characters. She plays tenacious and resolute characters or explores human relationships with sincerity that resonates with audiences. In “Hitler Gari Pellam” and “Kalyana Vaibhogam,” Archana plays several roles. Her passion and intensity linger after episodes. Archana’s charm and charisma make her appealing off screen as much as on.


The Maa TV Telugu serial actresses of 2024 were not only spellbinding before the audiences with their beauty, but also they totally left the spectacle awe-struck with their exemplary talent and charisma. These actresses with their compelling acting continue to be looked out by the viewers and set new benchmarks for beauty and grace in the domain of Telugu television.

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