Meghalaya is a place located in India’s North-Eastern region. It is a mountainous strip of land in the country’s northern and eastern regions. Beautiful blue slopes and thundering waterfalls may be found across the state. Additionally, there are magnificent valleys with cities and villages nestled among them. Shillong, the state’s capital, is a picturesque town that is home to a variety of interesting tourist attractions.

Farmers dominate Meghalaya’s economy, with agriculture accounting for the majority of its jobs. Because it is an agrarian economy, agriculture and related sectors employ the vast majority of the population. And even after that, owing to reduced productivity & unsustainable farming practices, Meghalaya continues to rely on food imports to meet its nutritional requirements.

Meghalaya has a rich supply of natural resources, including limestone, coal, Kaolin, granite, and other minerals. The economy of Meghalaya is primarily centered on agriculture. This industry employs about two-thirds of the state’s total population. However, the agricultural sector’s contribution to the state’s (NSDP) is just one-third of the total.

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