With Amplus Mortgage Consultants, Snehal Bhuta has proven to be a leader and a trailblazer for customer loyalty.

With an array of qualities such as problem solving, customer service, and an avid knowledge of the banking and finance industry, she has created a body of work that is innovative. By exhibiting her strong leadership skills, she has fostered a community that follows her values and abides by customer loyalty. Her attempt to expand innovation and change is evident in everything she leads in Amplus.

Snehal has an experience of 14 years in the banking and finance industry which only amplifies her influence on the team and exemplifies her capabilities as a leader. The need to bring about a major change in the ecosystem by keeping up with trends is her aim.

Snehal Bhuta not only proves that leadership in a company is vital but imposes the need to influence and inspire others that are responsible for the growth of the company overall.