A Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Bridal Footwear

While most brides agree that their wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of the special day, others might argue that wedding footwear is just as important. While choosing the right bridal footwear or heels for women, it is recommended to consider several factors -including comfortable, style, and whether or not they are matching your wedding dress or not.

When you wish to purchase the best heels for women online for the wedding day, there are several considerations to make -especially the heel height and its design. Wedding shoes or heels that you buy should be downright painful, uncomfortable, or unflattering. With access to an impressive range of gner footwear or heels for women by Fizzy Goblet, you can own the wedding footwear of your dreams.

How to Buy the Best Bridal Footwear?


On your extended list of the must-have bridal accessories to complete the wedding day ensemble, choosing the best bridal footwear to complement your gorgeous wedding dress is a top priority. Whatever might be your priorities, ultimately, your wedding-day heels have a significant role to play. You should like them and feel comfortable in them.

How do you pick the best wedding heels for women? Here are some tips:

Define Your Bridal Style

As you will be ultimately buying and wearing wedding footwear yourself, it is imperative for you to pick something that complements your personal bridal style or vision. As you have a firm grasp on your entire bridal style, it is important to maintain consistency throughout.

For instance, if you wish to achieve the classic vintage look, ensure that you match the style of your footwear to the same concept. Pay attention to specific detailing like embroidery or embellishments in your wedding dress that can be effectively reflected in your footwear as well. You should also look into specific materials or detailing like lace, tulle, sequins, satin, and so more that can be matched in your footwear.

If you are in search of the best ethnic footwear option for your big day, Fizzy Goblet brings forth the best bridal heels for women with interesting embellishments, embroideries, and other detailing to enhance the overall look.

Choose Your Wedding Dress First

Even if you might have stumbled across the perfect wedding footwear of your dreams, still it is recommended to hold off from buying them if you have not come across the wedding dress to blend. Still, if you love them anyhow, you can purchase them ‘just in case.’ You would like your bridal footwear to effectively complement your wedding dress in every aspect -color, style, embellishment, and every detailing. The overall length of your wedding dress will also help in determining the right heel height.

If you have a slightly shorter dress, your wedding heels can be a major statement accessory -adding glitz, color, glam, romance, and whimsy. Or, it could simply be a dose of contemporary elegance to your wedding ensemble. On the other hand, if you have a flowing wedding gown or dress, they will be almost invisible. Still, you should buy an attractive pair to match your dress.

Research for the Right Bridal Footwear Options

While shopping for your wedding dress might be the topmost priority, there is no reason for you to not start researching your wedding footwear options beforehand. Leading websites of high-end retailers like Fizzy Goblet are a great place to start.

Most online stores carry far more inventory than other in-house stores. Therefore, as you browse online on Fizzy Goblet, it offers you access to a huge collection of the best bridal footwear options. This will help you decide the exact design or style you want for your big day. Once you have narrowed down your search, it becomes a whole lot easier to start shopping for your perfect wedding-day heels or footwear once you have decided on the dress.

Do Not Hesitate with the Color

Like most other style-centric decision you will be making for your big day, the color of footwear you select will depend on your overall personality and preferences. Traditional and classic brides will be instinctively drawn to brighter hues like red, maroon, dark pink, yellow, and others. However, if minimal footwear flair inspires you, do not hesitate in going out of the box in the color section.

If you wish to step up uniquely, you can consider choosing the trendy metallic options for wedding footwear. It helps in adding more shine as well as glitter to your entire wedding style. A playful twist on the wedding tradition -like pastel bridal shoes can also be attractive and rewarding in the long run.

The best part about trying out something unique and trendy is that you can adorn your wedding footwear at some point later without overdoing your entire look.

Prioritize Comfort

It is always recommended to focus on the overall style. However, if your feet is in pain that you are required to take your shoes off to enjoy yourself on the major day, what is the ultimate point of wearing them? While prioritizing comfort in your wedding shoes, heel height should be your first consideration. The higher the heel, the more pressure you will feel on your foot’s ball.

A low-to-mid heel height and a chunkier heel will help you stand as well as dance comfortably much longer. In addition to bridal heels, you can also choose from a huge collection of attractive bridal flats like juttis or kolhapuris that deliver maximum comfort and style at the same time.

In addition to the heel height, it is also recommended to consider the overall width -especially if you have wide or narrow feet. Shoes featuring buckles or laces to deliver adjustability in width will deliver the perfect fit for all women.


An amazing pair of wedding footwear will make you feel confident and stylish at the same time. If you wish to feel special on your big day, choose the right attractive wedding footwear from Fizzy Goblet!

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