ADCP Full Form In Police

ADCP Full Form in Police is additional deputy commissioners of police. The Deputy Commissioner is responsible for day-to-day district operations and reports to the Divisional Commissioner in Hisar. He holds the positions of Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate, and Collector simultaneously.

Executive in charge of the district’s development, villages, local bodies, the civil administration, etc., his duties as Deputy Commissioner are vast.

Being a District Magistrate, he oversees law enforcement and criminal prosecution. He is the highest judicial authority in region in terms of revenue matters and is in charge of the revenue system as the Collector. In addition to his duties as Registrar, he also serves as Elections Officer for his district.

Within his jurisdiction, he oversees the operations of all other government bodies. In brief, as the person in charge of the district’s administration, he is responsible for carrying out the government’s policies and enforcing its laws and regulations as they are periodically updated.

Duties and responsibilities

Coordination of development & public welfare operations, revenue officer of the district (as District Collector), and law and order (as District Magistrate) are the three main tasks of the Deputy Commissioner. So, he fills in as District Magistrate, District Collector, and Deputy Commissioner as needed.

The clerical workforce is overseen by the Office Superintendent, who reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner. He oversees the operations of his several departments. Each office reports to an Assistant and bears his name. The department overseen by the Establishment Assistant is commonly referred to as the EA Branch; the department managed by the Miscellaneous Assistant (MA) is commonly referred to as the MA Branch, and so on.

 An Assistant’s duties include both managerial and dispositive tasks, including overseeing the work of subordinate officials and closing many cases himself or forwarding them to superiors.