On this page of our website, we have listed the privacy policy associated with the website https://www.indiasstuffs.com/. You will find all the declaration about the data storage and transmission on the page. It should be noted that as soon as you visit the website, the automated engine starts collecting some of the data. The bots continue to collect the data while you are on the site. This information is usually restricted to cookies, ISP information and other non-personal information.

We only collect personal information after you give us consent to collect the data. For example, personal data is collected when you submit a comment. The information in such cases is restricted to what you enter in the form. It should also be noted that we never seek any financial information from you. Do not share bank account details or any other sensitive information with anyone on this website. Getting into the details of the information that is collected by us, it includes cookies, type of device used, IP address, Browser Used, Date of Visit and the pages that you visit. All this data provides us with the base for the analytics.

All the data collected can also be used to offer interactive services to you. Some of the interactive or advertising services do use cookies from your system. To restrict the usage of cookies, you can alter the browser settings and choose a restrictive mode. In such a case, some of the services might not be available for you. We do share promotional material with our readers, and if in case, you do not wish to receive the content, we suggest you to contact us and unsubscribe from our mailing list. We maintain high standards of quality, and we treat all the data as confidential. We do not share the data with any third party, and we do not spam our users with endless emails.

Our developers may use your data for the diagnostic to address the security vulnerability or a bug. We aim to provide you with a secure experience, but we do not take responsibility for any malicious link or cyber vulnerability on the website. The data is always secured on our servers, but at the same time, we can’t be held liable for any loss that arises due to the leak of information, cyber-attack, Trojan, virus or a bug. We advise you to refrain from submitting any sensitive data or passwords in the form on the website.

All the data storage and the data transmission is as per the local laws. The servers can be placed globally, and in such a case, the data may get transmitted to different geographical locations. If you would like to get more information about data transmission, then you are requested to contact our team. By visiting any page of the website, you agree and accept the privacy policy associated with the website. If you do not agree with the policies, you are requested to exit the page immediately.