ADGP Full Form In Police

ADGP Full Form in Police is additional director general of police. Several Inspectors general’s report to an ADG, who normally oversees a sizable section within their state’s police forces. He may also oversee some of the state’s police force’s most vital specialized units.

The Director General of Police in some states may be elected as an Advisor of government on Domestic Security concerns with the same position and compensation as an ADG in those jurisdictions.


The ADGP is the highest-ranking civilian employee of the police department. The ADGP is second only to the DGP in terms of authority within the police force and is charged with overseeing its daily operations.

  • The ADGP is responsible for a variety of tasks, including those listed below.
  • To aid the DGP in developing and enforcing police department policy
  • To keep tabs on and assess the efficiency of all subordinate units and officers
  • To look into and settle citizen complaints against law enforcement personnel
  • To coordinate with several other law enforcement organizations on a local, regional, and national scale
  • Attend and speak on behalf of police department at appropriate events.

Perks and Pay scale

The salary for an ADGP is INR. 80,000. The government will provide lodging, a car and driver, and security personnel.

Law and order, traffic, VIP protection, licenses, and administration are all part of the ADGP’s purview. The DGP has the discretion to delegate additional duties to the ADGP.

Benefits of becoming a ADGP

Being an ADGP has many advantages.

  • An ADGP is entrusted with significant duty and power.
  • An ADGP’s authority and responsibilities are extensive.
  • It is common practice for an ADGP to take charge of and coordinate intricate investigations.
  • An ADGP is a very high-ranking police officer who is held in high esteem by both their subordinates and the general public.
  • A typical ADGP has worked in law enforcement for many years and hence possesses extensive knowledge and insight in the field.