Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has really changed our lives in the past few decades and it is continuing to change things for people. Technology is integrated everywhere, from manufacturing to information technology. Today, technology is even involved in agriculture and we are highly dependent on all sort of technologies for daily well-being. You would agree with us when we would say that technology has come up as an advantage to mankind but at the same time, it has also impacted us in a negative way.

If you do not agree with us then check out the points below as we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the technology for people. Let us now have a look at these things one by one.

So, the advantages of the technology are listed below.



Advantages of Technology

1. Communication and Collaboration – One thing that technology has really helped us is with communication. Today, there is a possibility of working remotely and you can also have video conferences with the people. So, in a way, technology has helped us in terms of the internet, computers and other such communication stuff. Moreover, the workers do not have to be at the same location to work today as they can work from different parts of the country or even world. This has also created technology and it has enabled people to collaborate while they are working.

2. Innovation – With technology, we are innovating as well. Today, it is possible for doctors to conduct surgeries remotely with the help of robots which offers very high precision. In addition to this, you can also experience surgery without any incisions. All this has been made possible with the help of technology in healthcare. We are constantly innovating and in addition to this, the technology has also helped us in shrinking the size of microchips. Compare the size of the first computer and the iPad today. There is a drastic difference in the size all this is possible because of technology.

3. Better Efficiency and Resource Management – Technology has also increased the output and it has made machines and processes more efficient. The resources can be managed in a better way and we are not just talking about human resources but all other kind of resources as well. Technology is used everywhere and in energy management, the technology has played a great role. We are talking about technical innovation but we are talking about technology in electrical and electronics.

4. Improved Mobility – Technology has also improved the way we travel. There was a time when people had to sit a place to use the internet but today, Wi-Fi is available across the country and that is the best part about technology. It has improved the mobility not just with the help of communication network but transportation is also very safe. You have bullet trains which can run at a speed of 300 Kmph and all this is made possible with the help of technology.

5. On Cloud – Do remember the size of the hard disk in the 1990s? Compare them with the size of hard disk today. Moreover, the storage is available on demand without requiring any physical storage. We call it to cloud Today, technology has enabled us to use computing power on demand with the help of the internet and at the same time, technology has also made it possible to use applications and software on the cloud. This reduces the risk of data loss.

These were the advantages of technology and we also need to look at the disadvantage of technology. Let us now have a look at these disadvantages of technology as well.

Disadvantages of Technology

1. Maintenance and Infrastructure Cost – One of the disadvantages of technology is the cost associated with the technology. The technology has a high infrastructure setup cost and there is also a maintenance cost associated with technology. Any network failure can be critical for us and this is a major cause of concern as well. The maintenance cost is something which is a major drawback. The cost is coming down but it is still significantly high.

2. Impacts Personal Life – The technology has impacted our personal life as well. Today, families spend a lot of digital time instead of spending time with each other. This has impacted the relationships and it has impacted families’ as well as personal health. This is a drawback of technology and it has to be controlled. This is more about personal control than anything else so as to reduce the impact of technology in personal life.

3. Security Concerns – Technology has also raised a lot of security concerns for the people. The security threats are real. It is possible for anyone to get access to any type of information. The cameras are compact and they can easily sneak to the places where there shouldn’t be any camera. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of technology has it can be misused a lot.

4. Major Distraction – The technology comes with a major distraction as well. It distracts students and it also distracts people while they are on job. This can be catastrophic while someone is involved in a critical job. This needs to be taken care of while someone is working on critical stuff and the parents also need to keep a track of what their children are involved in when the technology is a concern.

5. Dependency – We are really dependent on technology and it is certainly a disadvantage. The dependency is so much that a network failure or a technology failure can cause a loss of millions and it can have a major impact. We are dependent on technology for electricity and we are dependent on technology for other things as well. Today, it is not possible to reduce dependency in any way.

This was all about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. You can really exploit the technology for your use but remember that you need to manage the technology in a proper way so as to ensure that it doesn’t raise any concern for the people.