Air Conditioner (AC) Aluminium Or Copper: Which is Best?

The air conditioner is one of the most relaxing and required appliances. Today, it has become the primary requirement of every place, home, office or restaurant.

When purchasing an air conditioner, people usually examine factors like cooling capacity, energy efficiency, filters, etc.

But there are some features that people keep unnoticed, such as the type of air conditioner. There are three major types of AC such as copper, aluminium and alloy.

The two most common AC type is aluminium and copper. These can be understood by examining the features of the AC by comparing the terms like durability, price, cooling effectiveness and others. Check out the brief information given below to pick out the wise option.

Why Choose Copper Tubes For Air Conditioning?

There are some of the remarkable properties included in the copper condensers. It is worth examining before choosing to install AC in houses and buildings.

The notions of the copper condensers are useful for satiating the exciting needs of people. The air conditioner industry has the best model for an efficient condenser, but it does not introduce harmful emissions. It has gained popularity because of three major notions: corrosion resistance, strength and light. It has the major benefits listed below –

  • It consumes less refrigerant.
  • The machinability is superb.
  • The transfer of heat is at a higher level.
  • Corrosion resistance

Why Choose Aluminium Tubes For Air Conditioning?

A few decades ago, the automotive industry replaced the copper tube with aluminium tube. There are specific reasons why aluminium tubes are worth using in condensers. The best factor is it is pretty easy to obtain the lighter heat exchanger through the aluminium tube. The design made from these tubes is flexible and also recyclable.

Regarding heat transfer performance, half of the copper works slowly after a specific period. But nowadays, the actual difference between both heat exchangers is limited. It is due to some particular things installed that have made the efficiency of the aluminium air condenser splendid.

Copper Vs Aluminium Condenser

Aluminium AC Vs. Copper

  1. Pricing

While comparing the price of the AC made of the copper and aluminium tubes, there is no noticeable difference. There are a few of the models in AC with a copper condenser that have slightly less price.

You understand that oil does not have a marginal role in deciding the price of the condenser. The major difference in the price can be between Rs.500 – Rs.1000. That also depends from brand to brand, and it is not much that people can’t afford.

  1. Weight

There is a major difference in weight when comparing aluminium and copper condenser. The weight of aluminium is half of the weight of copper.

Commonly the weight of the condenser depends on the thickness of the condenser. It has the major weight that makes the copper condenser heavier than aluminium.

  1. Efficiency

The following important factor is to check its efficiency. The cooling effect given by AC is a major concept to check for making the ideal choice. Compared to aluminium, the advantage of a copper condenser is that it has low specific heat.

Copper heats up quickly and cools faster if compared with aluminium. That ultimately affects the cooling efficiency and features like power cool, turbo cool and so forth. People can adjust the cooling effect of the Copper condenser as per the requirement.

  1. Durability

AC demands a heavy investment. Although, it depends on the brand and model you are selecting. Durability is a vital factor to check beforehand buying. The copper and aluminium condensers have differences in terms of durability. But it has been known that both types of condensers are responsible for corrosion.

When corrosion occurs, the rate of the AC gets lowered. However, the process is not instant and takes some time to get crore. But when the corrosion Period is the notice of both types, aluminium is highly reactive to air and corrodes faster. Ultimately it starts acting with the layer of oil. On the flip side, copper condenser has less ability to corrode.

  1. Energy rating

Energy rating is also a common factor to consider if you want to invest in an appliance for the long term. So, for choosing the condenser between copper and aluminium, examine their energy rating.

On the one hand, the copper condenser is durable and has high energy efficiency compared to aluminium condensers. If you buy five star AC, the copper condenser will hold 23 stars even after a few years. On the other hand, the Aluminium condenser will drop it to one star. There is a noticeable difference between both.

  1. Repair ability

Few the models of air condenses are there that take a lot when it comes to maintenance. More than investing in the condenser, it takes repairing. It is because the tools installed in an air conditioner or expensive.

Before purchasing copper and aluminium, check out the repair ability. The copper condenser can be easily repaired, while aluminium condensers need the proper solutions. In addition, they need proper service centre support to start their AC working again.

  1. Maintenance

It has been known by recognising both the models that maintenance of copper is a breeze. Copper condenses are more substantial because the material does not corrode easily.

It is all because of the high tensile strength of metal that makes it pretty easy for people to manage copper condensers. But, aluminium condensers are very hard to manage because they are more prone to damage. It becomes difficult for people to manage the harsh weather conditions.