Aluminium Or Copper Condenser: Which Is Best?

Most of the people are confused about which can be the condenser. There are many companies that manufacture condensers of various metals. You can select the suitable one from the list. But before this, you must know what a condenser is. A condenser is one of the tools that is used for launching the heat that is absorbed from the room. Thus, it can be assumed that the condenser, its fins and other tools are the primary tools of an air-conditioner. It seems that without a condenser an air -conditioner cannot run or operate smoothly.

The condensers are primarily available in aluminium and copper form. There are people who are highly confused about which can be the best choice for the air-conditioner.

Difference Between Aluminium and Copper Condenser

Aluminium and Copper Condenser

In this part, one will find out the primary difference that exists between an aluminium and a copper condenser. Let us find it out.

  • The heat transfer mainly takes place in the coil. This is why the coil needs to be of a superior quality. The high heat transfer of heat is best done in the copper condensers than any other ones. So, purchasing coils made of copper material will help in quick cooling of the room. But copper condensers are much expensive than the aluminium ones.
  • On the other hand, if the air conditioners are located in high humid zones or in a seaside it will get corrosion very fast. If the condensers are made of copper material it will be easier to clean it. But the one that have aluminium condensers will take much time to clean.
  • If it is all about environment friendly matter it will be found that both the metals are eco-friendly. Out of this, aluminium condensers are much greener. Thus, you can rely more upon it.
  • The other important factor is the pliability. It is found that aluminium is much more flexible than copper. This is the reason why most of the users prefer to condensers made of aluminium metal. This is cost-effective in most of the cases.
  • In most of the time it is noticed that when it is for durability copper is more durable than aluminium. It can withstand any damage, weather and other factors. This is almost impossible for the aluminium condensers. They may not last for a long time.
  • It is much tougher and harder to maintain an aluminium condenser. This is not the situation with the copper condensers. It can be easily maintained and also takes less effort for maintenance. It is also easy to clean the copper condensers. But to clean an aluminium condenser it requires a lot of effort which may be impossible in most of the time.
  • The tensile strength of copper is more. It is about 40% than the aluminium condensers. It means that aluminium can easily break than the copper condensers. So, people mostly prefer to use the aluminium ones.

Which is better?

Here comes the most important question as which is better or suitable for use. The most important thing for an aluminium condenser is that it is much affordable and nominal for the users. This is the primary cause for which more and more buyers prefer buying or opting for the aluminium condensers. Nevertheless because of the tensile strength, simple and easy maintenance, and anti-corrosion features most of the buyers prefer buying the copper ones. But they are much expensive than the aluminium ones. You will get many top brands that also use aluminium condensers in the machine.

However, choosing the right type of air-conditioners may be a challenging job for many people. But you must consider several things while purchasing the air conditioners. The primary thing is to consider the condensers. It is the most essential part of an air conditioner machine.