All You Need to Know About Selling Indian Products in North America

Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in Indian products that sell in the USA and other nations in North America. The Amazon marketplaces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which receive billions of visitors each month, give Indian vendors the opportunity to expand their consumer base and boost their profits by engaging in export business. To take advantage of the rising commerce and prospects, more and more Indian MSMEs are taking their local enterprises global with the help of Amazon Global Selling export program. Start selling on three different marketplaces— (USA), (Canada), and (Mexico)—with a single account.

Tools from Amazon for simple exports

Indian Products

Let Amazon handle your international shipping and logistics so you can concentrate on running your business. Exporting Indian products that sell in the USA, Canada, and Mexico is hassle-free with Amazon FBA.

International Amazon sales occasions

Sell during North American celebrations like Prime Day, Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to boost sales.

Safeguard and expand your global brand

Amazon supports the expansion of your business because it operates some of the most popular marketplaces in North America.

Indian products that sell in the USA

The following are some of the top items and bestsellers available on Amazon marketplaces in North America:

  • Domestic textile
  • Leather-based goods
  • Jewellery
  • Toys
  • Tea
  • Spices

Documents needed for exporting from India to North America

Some of the paperwork an exporter must collect in order to Indian products that sell in the USA are:

  1. (IEC) Importer Exporter Code
  2. order of purchase
  3. Business Invoice total Packing List Sample Invoice
  4. Exchange Bill
  5. Origin Certificate Insurance Certificate
  6. if necessary, certificates of inspection
  7. Health or sanitation certification, if applicable
  8. Other product-specific documentation, such as Phytosanitary Certificates for exporting plants or plant products, medical device and medicine approval letters from the US FDA, etc.

How do I use Amazon Global Selling to export to North America?

With Amazon, starting an online exporting business is simple and hassle-free. The actions you can take to begin exporting are listed below:

Select the items to sell

A critical first step is deciding which Indian products that sell in the USA. Planning your business goals and understanding product demand is crucial. Amazon makes it easy to export more than 30 different product categories from India to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Create a seller account by signing up

By providing a few KYC papers and your credit card information, you may register and create an Amazon global seller account.

Describe your products

Register and then list your products. You must have the SKU information as well as additional product specifics (model number, size, expiration date, etc.).

Deliver your goods and complete orders

Exporters have the option of exporting Indian products that sell in the USA via Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), which makes it safe and simple to ship products overseas by arranging pickup, storage, delivery, and customer support services. Exporters may also decide to use outside logistical services.

Get paid and expand your business

With the help of Amazon Global Selling, you may easily receive payments in your own currency. To expand your firm, you can employ global strategies and resources like Amazon Advertising, A+ Content, and Brand Registry.

Fee schedule for selling on Amazon in North America

  • Based on the selling plan you choose and the region where you wish to sell.
  • Depending on the product type, referral fee. Most referral commissions range from 8% to 15%.
  • Depending on whether you use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or self-fulfill purchases, your shipping costs may vary.
  • Other Cost Additional expenses associated with the extra services you select, such as advertising or premium account offerings.

The subscription price per month, the referral fee, and the delivery cost make up the three primary components of the pricing structure, as indicated under the Amazon seller fee calculator. The shipping cost varies depending on the fulfillment method you’ve selected. You have two options for product fulfillment: self-ship or merchant fulfillment (you send the products directly to clients once you get the purchase), or Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). You can send the goods to one of Amazon’s foreign fulfillment centers (warehouses) when you use FBA. Amazon stores and distributes the merchandise once customers submit their orders.

How can I sign up to become a seller on American markets like Amazon USA?

  • If you’ve only recently started selling on Amazon,

Press the register now button.

Complete the necessary fields, then press the “submit” button.

  • If you currently market on Amazon India

Log in by making use of your seller central account

Select the “Sell Global” tab.

Select the market you want to enter and register.

What information do I need to provide in order to register myself as an American exporter on Amazon?

For Indian MSMEs, Amazon Global Selling has made exporting Indian products that sell in the USA simple. To register with Amazon Global Selling as an exporter, simply complete the following:

  • Inbox address
  • Authentic business address
  • international transaction-capable credit card

Does exporting food items require a special document?

Yes. In accordance with various export products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues special certificates, such as the Certificate of Free Sale for cosmetics and dietary supplements, the Certificate to Foreign Governments for the export of human drugs, the Certificate of Exportability for conventional foods and food additives, etc.

What export documentation is necessary for an international sale?

Sellers must get specific export documents and follow laws in order to export Indian products that sell in the USA. Through the Exports Compliance Dashboard, Amazon connects you with specialists who can help you collect your documents while also guiding you through the essential requirements and laws to make your export journey simple.

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