Top 5 Best Animation Companies In Mumbai

In 2024 with the leading chart of the top five animation studios in Mumbai, the city is officially cementing its name as an animation powerhouse. The city that, in the past, successfully harbored a rich blend of creativity and tech now boasts leading, if not first, in animation for cinema, advertising, e-learning, and gaming. The studios, based in Mumbai, specialize in creativity in 2D, 3D, and VFX, bringing out content that not only entertains but also educates and engages audiences from all over the world, hence highlighting the important role that Mumbai plays in taking the animation frontier. let’s Find out more about these top 5 animations companies.

List of Top Animation Companies In Mumbai

1. Pixels Studios

Pixels Studios

  • Address: ( 4th Floor, Nimbus Center, Opp, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Off Link Road, Andheri , Mumbai, Maharashtra )

Leading the business is Pixeld Studios, dealing with the best in the class of digital post-production. One of the best with their kind, they use avant-garde technology and a great team of accomplished creatives to design top-of-the-line video content meant for media as well as the web. It is much more than a post-production house; it ensures that each work, be it for broadcast television or for the digital domain, is the best of class.

2. Cosmos Maya

  • Address: ( 2nd Floor, Filmcity, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra )

Known for its imaginative creations, Cosmos Maya is a name of repute in the universe of animation and has been an honored producer of some of the most beloved characters and shows like “Motu Patlu” and “Vir: The Robot Boy,” which enthuse kids around the world. They create immersive worlds that intertwine imagination with reality. With WowKidz, they provide 24×7 full-on entertainment, engaging the viewer with even more interactive competitions and prizes, creating a dynamic and central entertainment hub for the family and the kids.

3. ARTHA Animation

  • Address: (302, Chandresh Apartment, Devidas Extension Road (Off Link Road), Borivali , Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Since it has launched in the year 2013, ARTHA Animation is among the principal players that have led the online digital animation scenario from Mumbai. The premier studio is for high-quality animation and digital services. At the very core of ARTHA commitment, there is an excellence key contributor to the animation industry globally.

4. EPlus Studio

  • Address: (A-59, Giriraj Industrial premises, Mahakali acaves road, Andheri(East), Mumbai, Maharashtra)

EPlus Studio Mumbai is the amalgamation of animation and storytelling; it gives birth to stunning eye-catching visuals, entertaining and engaging for human beings on this planet. Their work, where technology meets creativity and stories turn into an experience, puts EPlus Studio as a hub to give birth to creative minds turning dreams into visual narratives.

5. Paperboat Animation

  • Address: (5th floor, Hari Om IT Park, Behind Delta Garden, Bhakti Vedanta Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Paperboat Animation was always known for a different take on animation and storytelling. Founded on doing things just a little bit differently, this studio has made for itself a place just as unique. Paperboat Animation, which has an emphasis on art and creative expression, has designed and delivered quality expressions to be able to stand out in any entertainment crowd. But the very nature of the work gives an impression of intelligence and innovation, with a shining tribute in their commitment to excellence and creativity in animation.


In 2024, Mumbai will further consolidate its position as one of the major centers in the hotbed of animation, with pioneers such as Pixels Studios, Cosmos Maya, ARTHA Animation, EPlus Studio, and Paperboat Animation plying their trade from here. Their innovative fusion of creative skills with technological tools compels them to break the envelope of global animation standards.

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