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West Bengal is located in the eastern part of the country and the state is one of the most developed states in that part of India. West Bengal has a rich culture and you will also find many industries as well as IT companies there. It surely makes sense to purchase the property in West Bengal as this can really help you in making smart investments for your retirement. If you wish to purchase the land then one of the most important things is to check the land records. There had been some cases of fraud where people were trapped in the bogus deals. They all could have avoided such deals by simply checking the land records.

If you have shortlisted a property then you must go ahead and check the registration and land records of the property. No, you do not have to go and visit the government office to check the land records. This can be done from the comfort of your home.

In the article, we have listed the advantages of checking the Banglarbhumi land records in West Bengal and we have also listed the complete procedure to check the land records as well.

Advantages of Checking Land Records in West Bengal

The advantage of the land record is that you are able to verify the land records and you get to know each and every detail of the land. This way, you can also check if the land has any pending liability which can trouble you after making the purchase. Overall, checking the land record has only advantages and it promotes a lot of transparency in the land deals.

This has also helped in the growth of the property market in West Bengal since many people have started gaining faith in the deals owing to the availability of land records via online medium.

Steps to Check Land Records in West Bengal

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal

  • On the top right corner of the page, you will notice a button for Know Your Property. Click on the button and you will be redirected to a new page where you can enter the details to check the property details.
  • Now, enter the District, Mouza and Block details in the designated area and also select if you want to search by Plot or by Khatian. Enter the Plot or Khatian details and click on view button after entering the captcha code.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal 1

  • Once you click on the submit button, the information will be displayed on the next screen, you can choose to print the land records for your reference. If you wish to get the certified copy of the land records then you would have to go ahead and visit the SDM office.

What are Other Services Offered?

There are various services offered by the portal apart from being able to check the property information. Using the website, you can avail different citizen services but for that, you need to create a login first. Once you create a login ID and password then you can avail all the citizen services available on the portal. You can also go ahead and make complaints by going to public grievance section on the same page. It is certainly of the best government portal in India which integrates public services with the land record information for the citizens of West Bengal.

Bottom Line

The portal is certainly a good way to check the land records and you must check these land records before going ahead and making the purchase of the real estate. If you notice any mismatch in the land records and the property details then you can also check with the Director of Land Records and Survey in Gopal Nagar, Kolkata.

The contact number of the department is 2253 – 5091 & 2253 – 5144. You can even send them an email on but it is surely in the best interest to visit the office in cases of the discrepancy.