The Best Bath Towels In India

Everybody wants to have the fluffiest towel in their bathroom, so it’s no surprise that bath towels come in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Bath towels are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and prints, including cotton, cotton blends, handloom, and Turkish cotton.

Selecting best bath towel made of 100% cotton with a GSM of 400-600 is the most popular. There are many other factors that contribute to the quality of the fabric, such as absorbency and softness as well as combed or ribbed cotton.

Antimicrobial properties

If you’re looking for a super adsorbent material, plush towel that is resistant to pilling, the organic bath towel is your best bet. These towels are more long-lasting, gentler on your skin, and softer to the touch. The combination of a high gsm count and a reasonable price tag makes this one of the finest towels in India.

Bath Towels India

In comparison to other towels, this Helium bamboo towel set (which includes bath and hand towels) has an internal hollow fiber structure that allows for 3 times faster moisture absorption. By making these towels more absorbent and less absorbent than cotton, the bamboo fibers help keep them smelling fresher longer. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of these towels make them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Best Buy Bath Towels In India

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How to choose the best bath towels in India?

Wrapping the body to dry after bathing daily is a repetitive task. Therefore, Bath towels should be made of fine fabric along with being large enough to be an essential item. But, with so many options in the Indian market, which towels will meet your need. To help you choose the best, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide.

  • Fabric

Quality bath towels are made of cotton, but 100% cotton is the most perfect option to choose. Cotton bath towels are easy to dry, highly absorbent and non-fussy in terms of upkeep. You can clean it manually or by placing it in the washing machine using your regular detergent and leave it to air dry before folding it for future use. Cotton towels are delicate to the skin and have a longer shelf life. You should choose a plush that instantly absorbs swearing and water without the need of wiping the skin multiple times.

While premium cotton such as Supima and Egyptian are considered truly premium, they do not have as much absorbency, softness or durability. Always choose a cotton or polyester blend as they are more durable, less expensive and easier to dry.

  • Towel Weight

Towel weight is measured in gsm or grams per square metre. Typically, the heavier the weight, the more absorbent and dense the towel will be. However, 300 to 400 grams per square meter is light, 400 to 600 gsm is neither too heavy nor too light, while 600 to 900 gsm is the heaviest towel weight. The most suitable option is a towel between the 500 to 700 gsm ranges.

  • Thickness, Colour, and Size

Consider the type of bath towel you need. To choose the best towel, you can either scroll through the e-commerce website or store to get the right size, colour and thickness. In general, thick towels don’t do a good job of drying the skin consistently with a single swipe. When buying a towel online, make sure the towel you choose has some weight rather than a thin one that gets stiff and scratchy with each wash.

To choose the best design and colour, you can consider the interior of your bathroom. One tip is to choose hand towels and bath towels in sets that are in use or the same colour at a time. Along with being attractive, it also gives a neat and clean look to the bathroom.