The Best Bubble Gum In India

If you live in India, you may have seen bubble gum from brands like Center Fresh, Boomer, Orbit, etc. It is estimated by the experts that this gum industry in India has a market size of around 1000 crore rupees, so it is safe to say it is a multi-billion dollar market. With this fact, you can get a firm idea of how popular bubble gum is among Indians. But most of us don’t think about bubble gum too much when buying one, usually, we go with popular options and that’s all.

However, there’s a lot that goes on when making bubble gum, and if you’re someone who regularly chews on bubble gum, then you know what difference it makes. In our opinion, when staying in the same price range, if you’re getting a good bubble gum option, then why not go for it? Therefore, to help you pick the best bubble gum in India, we have decided to compile a list of the best brands and types of bubble gum, from which you can select the best one. It doesn’t end there. We have gone one level ahead and have listed a buying guide below which will help you determine the factors that make a good bubble gum stand out as compared to others.

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List of Best Bubble Gum In India

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How to Choose the Best Bubble Gum?

Let’s talk about what makes a particular brand’s bubble gum the BEST on the market, and these are some of the things you should think about when purchasing bubble gum.

What’s Your Purpose?

Some people chew bubble gum to strengthen their jaw muscles, and some use it to get rid of bad breath. Or you could be one of the majority who just chews on bubble gum to pass time while working on something and to hydrate your mouth. For each purpose, there are different types of bubble gum available in the Indian market, but you must know what’s the best fit as per your needs. If you didn’t know, there are bubble gums to help you fight tooth cavities as well. In such gums, you’ll find Xylitol, which actually helps strengthen the enamel layering on teeth. However, it is not as effective as getting proper treatment for your oral health, but it’s better than having no treatment at all.

Gum Base

Most brands use chicle (a kind of latex sap) that is extracted from special trees, and this is the prominent ingredient in all the bubble gums you find on the market. And because of this crystalline ingredient, bubble gum gets its chewy property. Along with that, you can also find bubble gums with a base of resin, such as natural resin, food-grade agar, Chiku, and Khair. These second types of bubble gum tend to cost a little higher than the normal options, but they’re quite good comparatively.


The base of bubble gum doesn’t have any flavor at all for the most part, and no one wants to chew on something that tastes like nothing. Therefore, brands add sugar as the main sweetener, and sometimes you’ll find gums with corn syrup as a sweetener. Some brands use artificial sweeteners like Maltitol, Sucralose, Sorbitol, Saccharin Sodium, Acesulfame potassium, Xylitol, and Aspartame. But we don’t recommend you go with such a bubble gum option because these artificial sweeteners are not good for your health. So, whenever it is possible, always go with traditional gum options.


The pure base of gum tends to harden with time and to resolve this problem, brands use softeners to keep the bubble gum soft all the time. This is why you won’t have a hard time chewing on most of the bubble gum available on the market. Simple gum bases tend to lose moisture over time, that’s why brands use vegetable oils and glycerin to prevent this from happening.


Every one of us has a different choice when it comes to flavors of bubble gum. That’s why there are so many flavor options made available by brands in the Indian market. Mostly, these tastes are derived from concentrated synthetic flavorings, which provide a long-lasting flavor to the gum. Talking about the most popular flavors, mint would always come in the first place. However, fruit-flavored gums are also as popular as mint bubble gum.