Top 10 Leading CA Firms in India

In every six months, after the declaration of CA Finals and CA IPCC results CA students and final pass-outs are in great confusion to join CA firms either for article ship or jobs. A number of CA firms are available all over in India with the branches within and abroad India. Also, many international firms have branches in India which are regarded as the top CA firms all over the world and India as well.

Currently, CA results are out and many students are in the rush to find the CA firm for articleship training so I come here with the list to top 10 leading CA firms in India which are explained below-

List of Most Famous CA Firms in India

10. Luthra & Luthra 

  • Luthra & Luthra is a Delhi-based firm having six partners. It is one of the most leading firm in India which was established in 1979. Its headquarter is in New Delhi and it has branches in other different parts of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Noida.
  • This firm provides service in different like Taxation, Corporate Laws, Foreign Exchange Compliance and SEBI related services in assistance with 18 qualified personnel.

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9. Sahni Natrajan & Bahl 

  • Sahni Natrajan & Bahl is a Delhi-based firm having ten partners. It is also one of the leading firms in India which were established in 1981. Its headquarter is in New Delhi with its branch offices in Bangalore and Mumbai.
  • It provides services in various aspects like Taxation, Auditing and Internal Audit, Corporate Laws and other different services relating to services.

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8. SS Kothari Mehta & Co. 

  • SS Kothari is one of the highlyreputedfirms in Delhi having its branches in 100 different countries. There are total 12 partners in this firm and it has branches in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata.
  • Besides branches, it has also associates at Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Patna, Dehradun, Pune, Goa, Raipur and few more places. The services provided by it are BPO, Tax Advisory Services, Merger and Acquisition, Statutory Audit Services, Corporate Laws and other different areas.

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7. Lodha & Co. 

  • Lodha & Co. is a Kolkata-based firm having 12 partners. It is one of the leading CA firms in India having its branches at Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Jaipur, and Chennai. It is providing services especially to Corporate Clients, Central Banks, Insurance Companies and PSEs.

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6. Grant Thornton International 

  • It is a UK-based firm having its branch in 125 different countries. It is one of the firm generating very high revenue which is more than 4.5 billion dollars. It is also one of the leading firms in India which provide services in Assurance and Taxation and other consultancy services relating the financial matters.
  • In India, this firm operates as an LLP. The member office of this firm is situated in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

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5. BDO International 

  • BDO International is Brussels, Belgium-based firm having its member branches in 151 countries and it comes under of the leading firm generating very high revenue which is more than 7 billion dollars. This firm was established in 1963.
  • The main area and specialization sector of services of this firm are Corporate and Business Tax, Indirect Tax, Tax Dispute Resolution, Value Chain Tax Advisory Services and other various areas. It has also got various awards by various agencies and institutions like IAB Network of the Year 2015, Market Leader for Client Satisfaction, International Payroll Award, etc.

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4. Ernst & Young Global Limited 

  • This one of the highlyreputed firm having its head office in London, UK. It has its branches in more than 150 countries in the world and it is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting professional firm. It was established in 1989. It makes revenue around 30 billion dollars.
  • The services provided by this firm are in the area of Assurance, Consultation, Tax, and Finance Advisory, Legal Advisory. It is given different rankings and recognition by different institutions and clients from different parts of the world.

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3. KPMG 

  • It is Amstelveen, Netherlands-based firm having its branches in 155 different countries all over the world. This firm was founded in the year 1987 and it is now one of the ‘Big Four’ professional service firm. The revenue generated by it in the year 2016 is around 26 billion dollars.
  • The services provided by it relates to the area of Assurance, Actuarial, Tax, and Finance Consultation, Legal Services and much more relating to accounting professionals. The members of this firm all over the world are called KPMG International Cooperative.

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2. Price Waterhouse Coopers 

  • It is the London, UK-based firm having its branches in 157 different countries. It was established in the year 1998 and it is now one of the leading CA firm generating revenue around 34 billion dollars.
  • The services provided by it are in the field of Tax Advisory, Consulting Services in the terms of accounting professional, Actuarial, Legal and Financial Matters. It is also one of the ‘Big Four’ professional service firm in the world.

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1. Deloittex

  • It is a US-based firm having its branch in 150 different countries. Though it was founded in London in 1845, currently its headquarter is in New York City, United States. The revenue of this firm is around 37 billion dollars.
  • Its area of specialization is in the field of Audit, Strategy and Operations, Financial and Tax Advisory, Risk Advisory, and many more professional services. It is also one of the ‘Big Four’ professional service firm in the world.

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I hope the above details helped you to find the best.

CA Firm FAQs

Q: What services do CA firms offer?

A: CA firms offer various services, including:

  • Auditing and assurance: Conducting financial audits and providing assurance on financial statements.
  • Taxation: Providing tax planning, preparation, and compliance services for individuals and businesses.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping: Maintaining and managing financial records and statements.
  • Financial advisory: Offering advice on financial planning, investments, mergers and acquisitions, and business restructuring.
  • Compliance and regulatory: Assisting with compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Business consulting: Providing expertise in areas such as risk management, internal controls, and business process improvement.

Q: How to choose the right CA firm?

A: When selecting a CA firm, consider the following factors:

  • Expertise and experience: Look for firms with experience in your industry or specific service areas you require.
  • Reputation: Research the firm’s reputation, client testimonials, and reviews.
  • Size and resources: Assess whether the firm has sufficient resources to handle your needs and whether they offer personalized attention.
  • Fees: Inquire about the fee structure and ensure it aligns with your budget and the value of services provided.
  • Accessibility and communication: Evaluate the firm’s accessibility, responsiveness, and communication channels to ensure smooth interaction.

Q: How can I become a CA?

A: To become a Chartered Accountant in India, you need to follow these steps:

  • Register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) after completing the 12th standard examination.
  • Clear the CA Foundation Examination after completing four months of study.
  • Enroll for the CA Intermediate Course and complete the prescribed period of study (8 months).
  • Pass the CA Intermediate Examination.
  • Complete a 3-year article-ship under a practicing CA or a CA firm.
  • Clear the CA Final Examination.
  • Successfully complete General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) course.
  • Become a member of ICAI and obtain the Chartered Accountant designation.

Q: What are the benefits of hiring a CA firm?

A: Hiring a CA firm can provide several benefits, including:

  • Expertise: CA firms have specialized knowledge and expertise in various financial and accounting areas.
  • Compliance: They help ensure compliance with tax laws, accounting standards, and other regulations.
  • Cost-effective: By outsourcing financial functions, you can save time and money compared to hiring full-time staff.
  • Strategic advice: CA firms offer valuable insights and advice to help you make informed financial decisions.
  • Accuracy: Their professional oversight minimizes the risk of errors in financial reporting and taxation.
  • Focus on core business: By delegating financial tasks, you can concentrate on your core business operations.

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