The Best Duct Tape in India

You must have heard about the duct tapes. It is a tape used for different purposes. The name of “duck tape” is given because it is made from cotton duck cloth. It is used as an adhesive. You can apply it to stick various things together. Most of the times, you will get duct tape that are available in a wider form. You can use it to carry out various tasks. It is most convenient to use these types of tapes. It is mostly available in silver grey. However, you may also find it in other colors. Many people confuse it with gaffer tape. Both of them appear to be the same but have a slight difference.

The duck tape is much durable than the other ones. It has been in use since 1899. This means it has been used for a long time. Modern duct tapes are made of nylon, rayon, and fiberglass materials. They provide the greatest amount of strength to the products to which they are adhered. The duct tape that is much more reliable to use. The best thing about these tapes is that they come with a long-lasting feature. You can easily stick a material anywhere with this. It is a weather-resistant product.

Duct Tape in India

List of Best Duct Tape in India

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How to choose the best duct tape in India?

As stated before, duct tape is an effective tool for home construction to seal gaps, protect bases, make minor repairs, and fix ventilation ductwork together. This tape consists of a fabric coated with polyethylene with a rubber-based adhesive. Despite its strength and waterproof capabilities, it can still be easily torn by hand. Let’s check out what aspects to consider while buying duct tape.

  1. Different types of duct tape

Knowing the different variants will help determine which duct tape works great for you.

  • Premium grade

A premium grade variant of duct tape is suitable for higher require applications such as reinforcing, bundling, and patching. It holds tightly around bends, curves, and corners.

  • General purpose grade

It is perfect for day-to-day purposes such as temporary & permanent repairs, strapping, and bundling at a job location.

  • Heavy duct tape

Heavy duct tape is meant for outdoor as well as indoor use. It can withstand moisture, making it ideal for commercial, automotive, and HVAC applications. In addition, it can tolerate high-temperature changes from hot both hot and cold air pressure.

  • Industrial grade

Designed with a thicker mil and powerful adhesive bond, an industrial grade can be used for most regular objective purposes. This type of type is ideal for more insisting jobs in industrial and commercial settings.

  • Stucco Duct Tape

Made for outdoor purposes, Stucco is a strong polyethylene without vinyl or cloth impregnation. It offers strong adhesion to an ample of textures and materials, including aluminum, brick, vinyl, wood, and concrete. It eliminates neatly after the task is completed and provides great UV protection.

  1. Adhesive Power

Duct tape is known for its durable ability to stick firmly over a number of surfaces. The tape you choose should have maximum sticking power.

  1. Good tensile strength

A premium grade duct tape serves up an excellent resistance to mechanical stress, ensuring the best results in temporary fixing, repair, and mounting. The most famous duct tape is polyethylene, which has a strong creep and high impact strength.

  1. Acclimatizing to multiple ranges

A duct tape should be able to adapt to multiple bases and as stated above all types of duct tape have good adhesive strength. The higher the adaptability, the greater the ability to seal and connect various items will be. Duct tape can also connect uneven and irregular bases while maintaining their hold for a long time.