10 Best Glutamine Supplements in India 2023 [For Bodybuilding & Athletes]

Workout and bodybuilding is a fascination of Indian youngsters for a few decades now. Building and maintaining such a body is not an easy process. It requires a lot of determination and continuous workouts. It has to become a routine to be maintained else you might end up disappointed.

With the requirement of sheer determination and physical exercise, to improve the process, there have been many supplements that have been introduced in the Indian market recently. These supplements contain Glutamine in them which is required for muscle growth. It is an important amino acid that helps in many body functions. The muscles are made of proteins, and it is the building block of proteins. It is also important for the immune system to improve.

With the presence of various brands available in the Indian market, it becomes difficult to choose what is best for you. Hence, we have put down the list of 10 best selling Glutamine supplement brands in India and their features to help you decide which one of them is best for your use. Without wasting much time let us look into them.

Who should take Glutamine Supplements?

You must have heard about Glutamine. It is a supplement used for maintaining the muscles. It is mainly used as a fitness supplement. You must have heard about the name of Glutamine in many cases. These types of accessories can be taken by those who are related to the fitness industry. It is safe for the people. However, people who suffer from health issues like kidney, and liver must avoid taking it or take only after consulting with physicians. They can help you in the best possible manner by providing accurate information.

The best time to take glutamine is to consume it post-workout. The body will take a minimum of 30 minutes to absorb the nutrients.

Best Buy Glutamine Online In India

As mentioned, we will be taking you through the top quality Glutamine supplements available online in India for your purchase and consumption. We have selected them based on their ratings and user experiences. Hopefully, you can find your favourite on this list.

1. Now Foods L-Glutamine Capsules

Now Foods L-Glutamine Capsules

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Now foods’ Glutamine L is manufactured by the family-owned business. They claim that they aim to provide the best product possible and there is no outside interest that is influencing their business. Hence it is a reliable company for this product. The company exists since 1968 and has been focused on providing high-quality products. It is a vegetarian product, and no animal extracts added to the product. This comes in the pack off 120 capsules in a pack.

With so many years spent in innovating the product, they are always aware of the environmental requirements. They have been working to ensure they do not leave a carbon footprint while innovating their products.It is produced by Now does the job of maintaining the positive nitrogen balance and helps to build up the immune system by aiding in the rapid growth of cells. It also regulates the acid-base balance and acts as the nitrogen transporter in the body.

Things we liked

  • The company is as old as 50 years and they have a long experience in creating the best health-related food
  • The family-owned and operated business focuses on the quality of the product and no way influenced by external agendas
  • They have a charitable commitment and also care about environment-related issues

Things we didn’t like

  • Few customers did not feel any difference using the product

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2. ON- Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Supplement

ON- Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Supplement

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Optimum Nutrition – also known as ON is a powdered supplement, unlike the previous ones we have viewed. The supplement comes in 150g and 300g of package. Like the previous one, this is also a vegetarian product and no animal extracts have been added in the powder. It is recommended to use 5gm per serving of the powder. The powder is pure L-Glutamine which is known to be the edible one. There is no flavour added to it hence you can make a protein shake with your favourite choice of flavour. The powder is just fine enough to ensure it mixes up easily. It does not form any dry balls when you mix with water or any other liquid for the shake.

The package – to avoid contamination is been plastic sealed from outside on the cap of the jar. It is not separately sealed from the inside. All the jars have been provided with the manufacture date and expiry date to ensure customers do not use expired products. The company advises using the powder before going to bed and after working out. This is the time the body needs more amino acids.

Things we liked

  • No flavour added to the powder as the user can add in the required flavour himself
  • Pure L-Glutamine
  • Nicely packed to ensure no contamination happens

Things we didn’t like

  • Missing scoop in the package for serving purposes
  • Some users complained of increased BP after the consumption

3. Sinew Nutrition Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Sinew Nutrition Pure L-Glutamine Powder

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Sinew Nutrition has packaged the L-Glutamine to its users in a very good-looking elegant jar. It is a 100% unaltered raw Glutamine that provides all the necessary amino acids to build the immune system. It is also built to improve muscle recovery, which is required after the workout. The consumption of Glutamine before and after the workout is very important. During the workout, the depleting level is filled with the consumption of this powder. After the workout, the consumption will help in muscle recovery and build.

The powder also ensures the muscles are not catabolized after the work-out. By maintaining the hydration level in the muscle, it manages muscle recovery. The recommended and advised per serving is 5grams of the powder. The powder is packed in a black jar which is sealed to avoid any contamination. To check if the product is genuine, there is a scratch card that comes with the package which has a unique code. You can verify this code on its website or by SMSing the code to the specified number. This process will confirm if the product is genuine.

Things we liked

  • Unaltered and raw Glutamine-L giving the best results
  • Prevents the muscle from being catabolized
  • Speedy muscle recovery

Things we didn’t like

  • Fake products being sold in its name

4. Muscletech Essential Series Glutamine Powder

Muscletech Essential Series Glutamine Powder

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You workout regularly and in the initial days, you would have felt the decrease in energy. That is due to the reduction of the Glutamine as you workout. What if there was something to replenish its levels in your body after the workout instantly. Well, your wish is answered. Muscletech comes up with the product to replenish its level in your body. It is a 100% vegetarian and platinum Glutamine powder which helps achieve the required level without much hassle. The company claims to have offered the best Glutamine to the users than its competitors.

It is tasteless and odourless to make sure you can add in your flavour so that you do not feel uncomfortable having it. It does not form any balls during the mixing with liquid and mixes very well. The powder suits all types of workouts and games among men and women. The Glutamine content is replenished easily and faster after each workout. It also helps in cell volumization, which is the reason you build up the muscle.

Things we liked

  • Speedily replenishes Glutamine in the muscle after intake
  • No flavour and mixes easily with your drink
  • 100% L-Glutamine

Things we didn’t like

  • The product was lumped when it was received
  • Fake product has been making rounds

5. MuscleXP L-Glutamine Powder

MuscleXP L-Glutamine Powder

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An unflavoured powder that will replenish the Glutamine content in your muscle and help in the speedy recovery of your muscles. That is the MuscleXP L-Glutamine powder we are talking about. It comes in a 300 gms of a black jar that is well sealed to avoid any contamination of the powder. It is a micronized powder that easily mixes with any liquid making it easy to consume it. As it has no flavour of its own, it takes the flavour of the juice you add it into. The recommended quantity is 5gms for consumption. It can be consumed either before or after the workout.

As it is micronized it easily mixes with the liquid. It is high in amino acids that increase the immunity level with the regular intake of this supplement. It is produced with high-class standards to maintain its integrity and composition on the right levels. It has 60 number of servings, each serving being 5 gms. There is no sugar content in the powder and no * additives are making it a safe one to drink.

Things we liked

  • The powder is micronized so that it mixes well with the water or the drink
  • It is unflavoured to ensure it blends with whatever juice or shake it is mixed in
  • Can be used either pre- or post-workout

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers complained it smelled and tasted very bad
  • Some users received near expiry powder

6. MuscleBlaze L- Glutamine –Unflavored

MuscleBlaze L- Glutamine –Unflavored

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This 400gms packed Glutamine powder from MuscleBlaze and is the l-Glutamine for consumption. An advised 5gms per serving of the Glutamine is the ideal one to ensure that there is no muscle breakdown and the recovery process is faster. The best reason the absorption of Glutamine takes place better in this powder is that it is microfiltered.

The Glutamine is a very important amino acid required before the body. Especially when the body has just gone through the exercise or workout procedure. The Glutamine is present in the muscles, but their quantity reduces once you workout. So their replenishment is very important after you workout. The supplement powder helps achieve this state by its consumption. They reach the muscle very fast and are absorbed immediately repairing and building the cells.

The MuscleBlaze Glutamine enhances the vasodilation process which enables more blood flow to the muscles. This, in turn, results in enhanced muscle volume ad higher stamina. With the consumption of this Glutamine, the recovery of the muscle is faster and hence providing you of faster results from the workouts.

Things we liked

  • No adulteration in the product making it good for use
  • Builds the muscle cells faster than other Glutamine
  • Micro-filtered powder making it easy for absorption by the muscle

Things we didn’t like

  • Expired products received by customers
  • Fake product received by customers

7. AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Glutamine

AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Glutamine

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AS-IT-IS nutrition produces the L-Glutamine powder which has various features for your muscle recovery. It is 250 gms pack that comes in refill pack rather than the plastic jar. The name means it is from nature as it is and no adulteration being done to enhance anything in the powder.It is up to the level that no colour or flavour has been added. No additives are been added to the powder and hence it is in its pure form possible. As there are no flavours added, you can add the powder in any of the shakes for consumption.

There are no traces of Gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, egg, fish and any other additives in the powder. It is all free from such preservatives. It does not have any animal extracts in it hence, making it purely vegetarian. It follows the strictest standards of testing and is of Pharmaceutical grade.

Things we liked

  • No added preservative and additives
  • No artificial colours or flavours in the powder
  • No animal extracts in the powder making it purely vegetarian

Things we didn’t like

  • Awful taste experienced by the users
  • Some packages smelled very old and rotten

8. Kaged Muscle Glutamine Powder

Kaged Muscle Glutamine Powder

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Kaged Muscle introduces Micropure fermented Glutamine that is that has a high presence of amino acids which is very helpful in enhancing the muscle strength and recovery. It supports the immune system and increases gastrointestinal strength. The powder is made from the innovative formula is began in its ingredients and free from any impurities and presence of heavy metals.

This is an ideal powder for the high-intensity athletes and supports new muscle growth. The recommended quantity of serving is 5gms and provides the best Glutamine for your body after the workout. The powder is also mechanised to remove catabolism and tearing down of muscle.

Things we liked

  • Has an abundant level of amino acids which is very helpful in building up the muscle after a workout
  • Free from impurities and other metal contents which are harmful to the body
  • Made in the USA

Things we didn’t like

  • Old stock is been provided to the customers

9. Naturyz GLUTA-TEST Glutamine Supplement

Naturyz GLUTA-TEST Glutamine Supplement

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The Glutamine supplement from Naturyz is very effective as it triggers incredible muscle recovery. It is absorbed by the muscle very easily as it is micro-filtered hence, finely made powder. Due to its ability to be absorbed fast, it improves the muscle repair process and increases the volumization of the muscles. This, in turn, increases the strength and power of the muscle.

Sometimes due to the heavy workouts, the absence or low level of Glutamine increases the fatigue and soreness of the muscles. Naturyz powder consumption reduces such fatigue and soreness. Due to the maximized testosterone level in the body, the stress level comes down. Along with the delivery of 7g of micronized L Glutamine it also supplies 500mg of testosterone to the body hence having dual capabilities. This speeds up the recovery of the muscles after the workout and hence fastening the body-building process.

Things we liked

  • Works best in the post-workout recovery process
  • It also works during the night time when the body is in rest
  • Micronized Glutamine that increases the absorption process
  • Complete vegetarian product

Things we didn’t like

  • Users complained of Glucon-D presence which is not as per the list provided
  • Does not mix well

10. Musclepharm Glutamine

Musclepharm Glutamine

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This one from Musclepharm comes in the pack of 300 gms and the one we have seen to be packaged in a white coloured jar. There are no banned substances present in the powder and it has been tested and proved. Hence it is safe for you to use the product. Other than the presence of L-Glutamine in the powder it also contains Glutamine Peptides and Alanyl-L-Glutamine that helps in the recovery process by increasing its speed. The company recommends the usage of this product along with proper diet and exercise to ensure the power works its best.

The usage of this powder provides good intestinal health and hence increasing the digestion power and speed. The package comes in unflavoured powder so that it can easily blend in any type of shake you want to have. It comes with 60 servings per pack hence each serving amounting to 5gm. The manufacture and expiry details are all provided at the bottom of the jar.

Things we liked

  • Presence of Glutamine Peptides and Alanyl-L-Glutamine increases the immunity restoration
  • Increases intestinal health
  • Recommended with exercise and a healthy diet

Things we didn’t like

  • Customers received a fake product

Glutamine Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Glutamine although is beneficial in many ways, it is still a supplement and could have some side-effects. This section describes its uses, benefits and some side effects that you might come across with its consumption. It is advisable to go through them before you buy it.

Benefits and Uses

Glutamine L is important for the body in many ways. It is important for the immune system. It acts as a fuel for the immune system. Its presence in the blood-stream and intestinal cells makes it important for the immune system to work effectively. If there is a reduced presence of the Glutamine then the body would start down to breakdown the other sources of proteins like muscles which to produce amino acids. Hence after an injury or surgery, high protein diet or high Glutamine presence diet is recommended for faster recovery.

As intestine is a large part of an immune system of the human body its presence in the cells of the intestine is also very important. It avoids any leaky gut issues. It prevents harmful bacteria or toxins to move to other parts of the body. It fuels the normal growth of intestinal cells and hence contributing to the immune system maintenance.

As amino acids are the building blocks of protein and it has a high presence of them, it plays a major role in the muscle generation and the recovery. After a workout, the muscles are torn due to them being stretched. If there is no muscle cell being generated before they stick back together, then there is no point with regular workouts. The Glutamine present in the muscle depletes after the workout. Hence consumption of the Glutamine supplement increases and speed up the muscle cell generation and hence increasing the volume in the muscle. So post-workout consumption is recommended.

Side Effects

There have been debates around the consumption of the Glutamine supplement for its side effects. Although the amino acids are naturally produced in the body, there is no harm in the consumption of supplement as it is just additional quantity to the body. But the maximum quantity a body can take is a maximum of 45gms per day. If the consumption is for a shorter period then there should not be any issue or concerns on it. But for regular and long-term usage, the body might change the way it absorbs amino acid from any diet. Hence it is recommended to be used only for a shorter term. There has been no evidence on the side effects yet but prevention is better than cure.

It also depends on the type of diet you follow. If you are into high protein animal-based diet then the intake is high as meat contains higher protein level. For vegetarian or the plant-based diet, the protein levels are low hence the usage of supplement should not harm much.

How To Choose the Best Glutamine Supplement?

With so many benefits due to the use of a Glutamine supplement, it is very important to pick the right product from the market. The market is loaded with several products from several brands. So, you need to be very careful about it. Always make sure that you are buying the right product, and this buying guide can be very helpful for you. Here we have listed some of the most important points that you need to keep in mind while picking the best Glutamine supplement in the market. 

1. The quantity:

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the quantity of Glutamine present in each serving. As there are so many different brands available, each of them may come with different quantities. Some have 5 grams of Glutamine per serving while some come in the form of capsules, which have just 1 gram of Glutamine. So, always read the details clearly before you purchase it. 

2. Other ingredients:

If you are looking for Glutamine supplement that contains just Glutamine, then you will be able to find them, and you will also have Glutamine supplements that contain other ingredients along with Glutamine. So, it is now your choice to pick the one that suits you better. You should understand that the other ingredients used in these supplements will work towards boosting the effect of the Glutamine and nothing else. Any option is just fine for you. 

3. The Brand:

The brand of the product that you are buying is very important for you to know. There are many top brands available in the present market, and hence you should always choose the Glutamine supplements that are manufactured by the best brands in the market. You can check out online or ask your friends or family to know which is the best brand in the market if they are using any. 

4. The flavor:

Like the list of ingredients, the flavor is also available in two ways. You can pick Glutamine supplements with flavor and also without flavor. You should pay attention to this point. It is your choice whether you want to take this supplement with added flavor or in its original taste. You should check out online or check the review of different flavors available in the market. That way, you will be able to decide which is the best flavor. 

5. The price:

The price of the Glutamine supplement is another important factor that you need to consider when buying this supplement. You should not check the overall cost of the package. You should check the cost of individual capsules or packs in the whole package or divide the whole cost per serving. That way, you will be able to understand whether it is worth buying or not. Not all the expensive Glutamine supplements are the best options. The brand and the quantity of Glutamine in each serving should be considered to know whether the price is right or not. You can spend a high amount on a high-quality product without any hesitation. 

When is The Best Time to Take Glutamine?

It is a common question that may arise in everyone’s mind. You must have a clear idea about the timing of consuming the fitness certificate. The best time to consume glutamine is post workout. It will take 30 minutes time to get absorbed within the body. Thus, you have to calculate the time and finish the supplement. The moment you will consume glutamine it will help in muscle protein synthesis.

This supplement will keep you active and fit for the whole time. It is always the best supplement for the gym-goers. Even the trainers will also suggest taking it if there are no major health issues.

Glutamine Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any real benefits in consuming glutamine?

Yes, several health benefits could be enjoyed by consuming Glutamine. The most common health benefit is that it supports and boosts the immune system, increases muscle recovery, improves intestinal functioning, etc. However, glutamine is consumed in a prescribed amount by people who work out a lot.

2. Is it safe to consume glutamine daily?

Yes, you could consume glutamine daily, however, you need to visit a doctor and get an expert opinion on the dosage. Remember, consuming too much glutamine could present some health issues. Most people who consume glutamine are people who invest time in bodybuilding and other forms of workouts.

3. Is it true that consuming glutamine has negative health effects?

Yes, it is true, if you consume too much glutamine without working out or moving a muscle, then it could have negative effects on your body. Some of the common side effects of glutamine consumption are muscle, back, or joint pain, dry mouth, vomiting, mild skin, increased sweating, headache, etc.

4. How to find out the right dosage of glutamine?

There are different ways to find out the right dosage of glutamine. However, the best, safe, and most efficient way is to get it from an expert or a doctor. Remember, glutamine is not something that should be taken carelessly, as it has both benefits and side effects, it should be consumed only if the benefits outweigh the side effects.

5. Simple consumption of L glutamine could reduce body weight?

No, as far as we know, simply consuming L glutamine will not help reduce weight loss. Adequate consumption of L glutamine with proper workout is the key necessity to reduce body weight. Instead, if you keep consuming L glutamine, it could have diverse effects on your health.

6. Consuming glutamine could improve sleep?

Yes and no, the result of consuming glutamine could be different for different people. In some people, glutamine could be used to produced GABA that helps to sleep. On the other hand, in some people, glutamine could be used to make glutamic acid that could mess with your sleep and cause insomnia.

7. How does L glutamine help the muscles?

The majority of the people who consume L glutamine does it to build muscles. However, most of them do not know how glutamine functions and what it does to the muscles. L glutamine aids muscle growth and helps in maintaining a sound immune system. Apart from this, L glutamine is a cell volumizer that helps the muscles to hold water, which, in turn, helps in muscle repair and muscle growth during workouts.

8. L glutamine is good for the skin, is it true?

Yes, L glutamine could boost skin integrity. It is a basic building block of proteins and tissues. Therefore, most commonly, L glutamine is expert recommended for recovery from skin injury. Apart from this, L glutamine is used by the body in different ways in different people, therefore, L glutamine cannot be considered a universal skincare supplement.


L-Glutamine is produced in the body naturally and its consumption as a supplement is an addition to the body’s diet. It is recommended when you are into physical fitness and exercise. It is important to make sure that you maintain the intake of the glutamine only between 3-6 gms per day. This is known to be a healthy and safe quantity to go with. We have tried our best to give you all the available information on the Glutamine supplement and their uses to us. We hope you would find the product you want to buy on the list we provided. We still suggest this is the best 10 you can find. Happy Workout!

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