9 Best Hair Mask In India

With the tiring day you spend most of the time either at work, travelling or running errands. With the stressful life in the city we tend to stop taking care of ourselves health wise. There has been a saying our body is the temple and you need to take care of this temple. It also includes grooming ourselves to look the best all the times. In this sense our hair and the hairstyle is the most evident feature which shows up our personality.

Our hair style sets the best when we actually take care of the hair and it is well nourished. To start off, for having an attractive hair and hairstyle it is good to get a hair mask treatment to start off with the grooming process.

Grooming can be also the part of getting ready for an occasion. A marriage in your family and you want to look the best. The bride wants to have the best hairstyle in the marriage as she is the talk of the event. She is the showstopper of the event. And hence from top to bottom she has to look the best. And hair style there has to be the best. A bride has to go through the hair mask treatment for this purpose. It is simply to nourish the hair and hydrate it giving it the healthier looks.

Buy Best Hair Mask In India

There are many masks that are available in the market place and each have their own unique features that they have to offer. In this below section we have made some research on the best hair masks that are available in India that could possibly made for you. You just need to choose the right one based on your requirement. Hope gives you enough information to chose the best of them.

1. Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask

Mamaearth Argan

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Mama Earth argan hair mask has argan oil that is known to make the hair soft, shiny and silky. Hair mask works as one of the best hair conditioners and also helps to treat various issues like split ends and frizzy hair. It also prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. This repairs damaged hair that is the one that breaks from the middle the hair becomes brittle and then falls out. Avoids hair becoming brittle and gives strength. The health of the hair is as good as the health of the scalp. This hair mask removes dandruff and also any clogs to the hair follicle. This is due to the presence of tree oil also nourishes the scalp and your hair really well. Hair mask is dermatologically tested and has been approved. This has also been tested for the presence of toxins and confirm that it is free of them.

Things We Liked

  • Provide healthy scalp
  • Repair damaged hair
  • This mask is toxin free
  • Reduces frizz
  • Contains natural ingredients like argan oil,rosemary oil, avocado oil, milk protein, Cedar wood oil, tea tree oil, curd extract and hydrolysed collagen

 Things We Did Not Like

  • Users complaint of hair fall after use
  • Has unpleasant smell
  • Does not work up to the Expectations

2. Biotique Bio musk nourishing treatment

Biotique Bio musk

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This is Ayurvedic hair and scalprejuvenating pack. This contains musk root hand bael extract which reduces inflammation and also helps in getting back the natural hair colour. This pack or mask has the ability to nourishthe scalp and hair follicles which in turn encourages abundant and healthy hair growth. Herbal or Ayurvedic is harmless to the skin of bodily intake. This herbal hair mask is formulated to nourish your hair and yourscalp without having any side effect. This hair mask is suitable for types of hair. To apply this to your hair mix it with egg or yoghurt before application.Once mixed well you can apply it your scalp and hair liberally. You need to let this mask stay for about 30 minutes before you can shampoo and rinse it off. For better results you can also try it once a week or as needed.

Things We Liked

  • This mask contains natural ingredients
  • Also nourishes hair and restores the hair colour
  • It promotes hair growth abundantly
  • This is suitable for all types of hair

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some customers received damaged product
  • For some customers the result where seen very late
  • Customers also received fake product instead of the original

3. Mamaearth onion hair mask

ABSpro® Professional

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This is another hair mask from Mamaearth whose main ingredient is bamboo vinegar. Main feature of this hair mask is to reduce hair fall. The onion oil present in this reduces hair fall and also nourishes it. Onion oil is also nutrient enough to repair damaged hair.It also restores nutrients into the hair and make them stronger. Sometimes you have a lot of itching sensation on your scalp. The bamboo vinegar in this mask acts as a antibacterial ingredient which makes sure you do not get that itching sensation again. It keeps your head cool, avoids any heat. This product is also free from any toxins and it is completely natural.Chemicals like sulphate, paraben, mineral oils, petroleum and artificial colours are absent from this. To hydrate the hair the coconut oil comes into action. To use this mask apply it on the wet hair and also to the scalp, keep it for at least 10-15 minutes and then wash off with any sulphate free shampoo. This has bioactive and has been derma logically tested.

Things We Liked

  • This contains only natural ingredients and oils like onion oil and coconut oil
  • The main ingredient is bamboo vinegar which is antibacterial
  • It repairs damaged hair and reduces hair fall

Things We Did Not Like

  • This mask was a bit expensive
  • Some customers experienced hair fall after using this
  • Some customers also experienced the hair becoming frizzy

4. Indus Valley deep nourishing hair spa

Indus Valley deep

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This hair mask from Indus Valley comes in the package of 175 ml. This hair mask nourishes the hair from the root and revitalizes the scalp balancing the oil content on the scalp. It avoids any health problems like dandruff,unhealthy scalp, loss of hair and many such hair issues. The ingredients in this hair mask strengthen the hair from the follicle and hence avoiding any hair fall. Ingredients in this hair mask are oils like neem oil and Lavender oil. These oils also provide nourishment and strength to the hair. It also hydrates the scalp and conditions it to avoid any dryness and rise of dandruff. It also contains ingredients like Basil,Methi seeds, Rosemary oil, wheat gram, tea tree oil and almond oil. All these natural ingredients help the hair and scalp to regain its lost health and out shows its features to everyone. It is very simple to use. First wash your hair with mild shampoo then dry your hair and apply this hair Ultima spa to your scalp and hair to the tip of the hair. Now rest, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes so that all the nutrients are absorbed by the scalp. The last step is to rinse it off completely with plenty of water.

Things We Liked

  • Contains all-natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals
  • This mask is specially for women
  • This makes hair stronger from its root and provides full health

Things We Did Not Like

  • Customer’s complaint hair loss after the usage
  • The hair was more frizzy, dull and dry after usage
  • Duplicate product sold in its name

5. Botanica biotin and collagen hair mask

Botanica biotin and

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Ever thought to revive your dry dull and damaged hair? Well this product is foryou. This product contains collagen which is a natural amino acid and is good for your scalp. The healthier the scalp the healthieris the hair. This hair mask contains biotin which is also called the vitamin H. Vitamin H helps the hair to grow healthy and in abundance giving a very good look. This mask is free of paraben and sulphate and it is completely herbal. It contains conditioning shea butte, Moroccan argan oil and Vitamin E which avoids frizzy hair and moisturizes the scalp to give it a very healthy feeling. The natural oils available in this helps repair any hair damage and prevents any effects due to heat or excessive styling. The oils also helps in hydrating the scalp and hair which in turn avoids dandruff. This mask is compatible for both men and women. It also contains antioxidant which fight the effects of pollutants on the hair. The silk protein in the mask provide silky and shiny hair. With this product everyday would be a good hair day.

Things We Liked

  • No harmful Chemicals and all-natural ingredients used
  • Provides healthy scalp and hair with volume
  • Use it regularly and it can help maintain the hair with lot of lustre

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some customers found this hair mask to be only fragrant and no other outcomes
  • Found to be frizzy and no change in the density

6. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

L'Oreal Paris

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L’Oreal Paris is the most famous brand known internationally. It has been endorsed by most beautiful actressesall around theglobe. This hair mask is designed to repair any hair damage in very simple three steps. This Total Repair 5 Mask comes in the size of 200 ml package. This works as a conditioner for the damaged hair and has proteins which nourishes the hair. The hair mask is designed to fight 5 types of hair issues like dry hair, rough hair, dull hair, and split ends. It protects your hair from excessive heat which is mainly due to the sun rays or actresses who work in front of the camera and heavy light. The main things is the hair and scalp nourished avoiding any dandruff formation. This hair mask is advised to be used with other Loreal product. The hair mask comes as a package with Total Repair 5. Three steps for beautiful hair are shampoo with the deep clean Loreal shampoo, use the conditioner to restore moisture and at last usethe serum to nourish and protect your hair.

Things We Liked

  • This contains mask with ceramide cement repair
  • It enriches the hair and protect it from the five signs of damage
  • It is easy to apply and can be kept from two to three minutes only

Things We Did Not Like

  • Less natural ingredients used
  • Heavy hair fall experienced by users

7. Wow Skin Science Hair Mask

Wow Skin Science

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Another way of improving your hair health is the usage of this hair mask. It helps you revive your weak hair by strengthening it from the hair follicle by providing various nourishment from onion extract and black seed oil. The ingredients in this like red onion extract black seed oil and hydrolysed wheat protein in this mask helps form a shield from the pollutants and other damaging effects. It also providesstrength to the hair and avoid being brittle. This hair mask has antioxidant and other nutrients including vitamin E that helps in growing healthy hair.The mask is also free from any chemicals, parabens,mineral oil, colours or silicon that harm the hair to the fullest. This mask is suitable for both men and women, long and short hair. It’s very easy to apply.After applying make sure to wrap the hair with the hot towel for about 20 minutes.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible for both men and women
  • Main ingredients are red onion seed oil and black seed oil
  • It keeps the hair moisturized all the time

Things We Did Not Like

  • Customers experienced highhair fall after using this mask
  • This not work for dry and brittle hair at all

8. Nature’s secret keratin Protein hair mask

Nature's secret

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This mask is designed to give your hair thick and shiny look with regular use with. With regular use this mask provides the strength and the result is long lasting. It has Keratin protection available which rejuvenates the hair even if it is dry and damaged. The scalp also gets moisturized with the various ingredients in this mask and these ingredients nourishes the hair from the roots and gives the scalp healthy feeling. The mask contains argan oil which is the age-old beauty secret. The essential and the fatty oils in the mask along with antioxidants frees the hair of any pollutants and all the damages.

This mask contains Keratin protein and silk protein which provides high nourished look and health. It also contains vitamin E which supports healthy scalp and chest hair to the follicles. Wheat germ oil is also present in this mask which is high in vitamin E and which in turn supports healthy hair growth.

Things We Liked

  • Has natural ingredients like argan oil E
  • Easy to apply and easy to get flexible silky and durable hair
  • It nourishes the hair from the route and revitalizes the scalp

Things We Did Not Like

  • The hair is dry and frizzy even after usage
  • Product delivery or not as expected

9. Godrej Keratin Rich Mask

Godrej Keratin

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Godrej is a well-known brand that has been in this industry for a long time now. This product from Godrej has been used by the professionals. The mask contains Keratin formula that makes the hair shiny and bouncy. As and when the mask makes the hair shiny and bouncy, it also strengthens the hair. This mask is also colour safe. That means if you have already applied hair colour then usage of the product does not damage the hair. This mask is available in three variants. They are avocado nourish, honey moisturiser and quinoa smooth. This is which is the main ingredient for the hair growth and avoids any issues. Usage of this mask over the colour treated hair will not cause any issues to the colour and remains intact.They come in varieties for different hair types like dry and damaged hair, frizzy hair and fragile hair.

Things We Liked

  • Keratin rich mask
  • Can be played within 5 minutes
  • Repair damaged hair

Things We Did Not Like

  • Bad packaging
  • Pricing when compared to other products

How To Choose The Right Hair Mask

As this product is for hair care, it is imminent that you do a through check before you use it. Once damage done to the hair it is difficult to bounce back. Hence, we have come up with a small guide kind of content which will help you take your decision for the buy. Below are the features you can look into.


Make sure the hair mask does not contain any harmful chemicals which inturn makes the things worse. Ingredients like essential oils keeps the hair in health and also makes sure the hair is nourished from the roots to the tip. Ingredients are the main reason why the hair shines and also is strong. So, choose what best suits you.


Some of the hair mask are expensive hence make a conscious decision if you really require it. The price does not really define the quality of the hair mask. Hence make sure that you also look into the other combination of the features before deciding just on the basis of the price of the product.


Make sure the hair mask is free of toxins. Some pf these products are not herbal and hence tend to contain some of the harmful ingredients that are no advisable for the health of the hair. Toxins could be chemicals like sulphate and silicones. There are may herbal mask that are batter that the ones with the chemicals in it.


The above was a real honest effort to provide you with the best of the hair masks available in the Indian market place. Some of them are mostly herbal and hence are advisable by us. They are chemical free and safe way to treat your hair. Do not take risks when choosing the right one for you. Hope this serves the purpose of this content.

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