The Best Hand Dryers In India 2023 [For Home, Office and Other Places]

A hand dryer is an electric tool that might not be used in every home but is found in five-star hotels, restaurants, parks, shopping malls, public washrooms, and other places. Keeping hands dry immediately after washing is possible with this heating element. This is similar to the blow dryer used in substitutes for paper towels. It may either operate automatically using a sensor or with the push of a button.

Hand dryers are easily mounted on the wall and will serve you a long duration. Some models come with or without an ABS protective cover. Dryers with covers can effectively save the unit from rusting and wear & tear. It is a completely automatic machine that is completely comfortable and dries your hands within 15 to 20 minutes.

Hand dryers come in a wide range of options in different sizes and prices. Some models feature space for holding tissue paper rolls. These dryers are relatively easy to install for beginners with some basic experience with the electrician. Automatic dryers will stop working once the hands left the dry after a few seconds.

Like hand dryers, these dryers are lightweight, corrosion-proof, and eco-friendly. At the same time, the material used in that is sturdy enough, making it durable.

Hand Dryer

Best Selling Hand Dryers In India

How To Choose The Best Hand Dryers In India

You may question yourself why you even need to read a hand dryer buying guide. Right? Well, of course, you can directly head out to the market and purchase whichever hand dryer stands out to you the most. But chances are, you’ll end up buying something that wouldn’t last long, or you’d regret buying it after a few months. A hand dryer may appear to you just like a simple machine that blows out air, but when buying one, there are some important things you should always consider. And this buying guide is just for that. So let’s begin.


The rule is pretty simple, if a hand dryer is taking more than 45 seconds to dry out your hands, there is no point in buying such a machine. Give some thought to this, would you stand right by the hand dryer that is running for more than 45 seconds, and your hands are still wet? And this is where the speed factor of a hand dryer comes in, we always recommend buying something faster, even if it costs you a little higher because that way you end up saving more time which can be utilized in other things.

Electricity Consumption

Of course, a simplistic machine like a hand dryer doesn’t consume that much electricity in a day, but there are some brands that make hand dryers that can cost you a lot in the long run. Thus always focus on buying a hand dryer that is energy efficient.


Well, when hand dryers were first introduced they used to be quite noisy. But in our opinion, it doesn’t bother a lot of people since they will be using hand dryers for a few seconds only. Of course, if you are buying one to install in your office, school, or business, then you want it to be on the quieter side. Right? There are many hand dryers that don’t make too much noise, but they’ll definitely be pricier.

Build Quality

Many people ignore the actual build quality aspect of a hand dryer because they rather focus on the speed, silent functioning, and other features. If you are on a budget, a plastic build would work just fine, but if your budget isn’t stopping you then definitely invest in high-quality metal-built hand dryers. Such hand dryers would last for ages.


Cost is the most important aspect that has the power to change your buying decision completely. In India, hand dryers start from as low as 1,500 rupees and can go as high as 35,000 rupees and even higher than that. If you are on a budget, don’t get dazzled by the additional features and shiny looks of expensive hand dryers, at the end, they all do the same job which is to blow out air and dry your hands. But if you are someone who’s buying a hand dryer for school, office, or business use, then definitely invest in a moderately expensive one because it will certainly work faster, and silently and will also save electricity in the long run.