The Best Hockey Stick In India

You can handle the puck, shoot the ball & passes, or stop or intercept your opponent’s pucks with the help of your hockey stick. To discover the best hockey stick for you, take into account your body type and size, as well as the length, kick point, flex rating, blade pattern, price, and material of the stick you’re interested in.

Make your choice of a hockey stick based on its performance and price. The best hockey stick in India is the one that gives you the feel and performance characteristics you need while still being within your price range.

Aside from the construction materials and construction technology, the primary distinctions between entry-level & elite hockey sticks are to be found online.

Fiberglass and other low-cost materials are more often found in entry-level composite sticks, but high-tech carbon fiber and sophisticated characteristics such as specialized shaft and taper designs are found in top composite sticks.

Professional and advanced-level hockey players are well aware of the importance of having the greatest hockey stick possible. At this level, selecting a stick with the right specifications and design is the most important consideration.

Get the best hockey stick today to level up your game.

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List of Best Hockey Stick In India

How To Choose the Best Hockey Sticks in India?

The two factors you must prioritise when choosing a hockey stick are the material and the shaft. The ideal hockey stick should be precisely sized and have a good “feel” to it. Remember that a good hockey stick would provide you comfort and control so you may move the puck as you choose.


Material is a personal choice that depends on budget and personal preferences. Since they are the game’s original equipment, wooden sticks provide a pleasant feel. In contrast, composite sticks are lighter, a lot more durable, and provide significantly more power and control. The cost of composite sticks is likewise higher. When you can afford it, have a composite stick because of its great durability.

Other hockey sticks are made of wood plus aluminium with replaceable wooden blades and aluminium shafts. The longevity of aluminium has assured that most players choose a completely aluminium stick with only a metal shaft plus blades, even though the mixture is still a common choice.

Kevlar sticks, which offer the same flexibility and strength as sticks made of aluminium but with the added benefit of being lighter, can offset the weight of an aluminium stick.

All of these characteristics are combined in composite sticks. Therefore, even if they’re on the pricey end of the spectrum, you should think about choosing one if you want to play professionally rather than just for fun.


The availability of one-piece and two-piece hockey sticks is a wonderful feature. You have a pre-made hockey stick with a blade and a complete shaft. However, with a two-piece hockey stick, you may mix and match the blade and shaft to construct a stick that best meets your needs. Blades and shafts could be chosen and combined separately, but keep in mind that two-piece sticks are likewise heavier.

Individuals prefer to customise their hockey sticks since the shaft’s weight in such a hockey stick closely relates to the player’s weight. One should choose a shaft with a greater number which can handle your weight when you tend to be heavier. Lighter players use a lesser number shafts because it supports their flexibility. You could choose the ideal shaft depending on the weight plus frame by looking at the shafts’ numbers, which range from 40 to 110.


The ‘sense’ of the stick determines a lot regarding a hockey stick. This ultimately comes down to player preferences in the end. You could use a conventional stick when you first begin the game, but then as you advance, you should take the time to learn the requirements of the position on the pitch as well as locate the appropriate blades and shafts for it.