Best keypad Phone under 2000 Rs. in India

There was an era when the keypad phones were the only available options, but soon after, the touchscreen phones and the full keyboard phones took over the market. Since then, keypad phones have been hard to find, but you will be glad to know that the keypad phones are still available in the market. Many people need the keypad phone for various reasons. They are also a lot more compact than the big bulky touchscreen phones.

Since you are here, we assume that you are looking for a keypad phone under Rs 2000, and we are here to help you. We have listed the top 7 options available in the Indian market that will meet your budget. Go ahead and check them out in the sections below. Check this list If you want to buy little lower price phone under 1500 rs. in India.

Why Choose Keypad Phones Over Smartphones?

Even before you check out the keypad phones, we are sure that you must be wondering that why people are still using the keypad phones today. Well, we will share some of the advantages or the uses of keypad phones, so go ahead and check them out below.

  • Some people prefer a simple phone without many features. They don’t want to adapt to the touchscreen models or wish to migrate to newer technology. In such a case, there is a set of people who find it convenient to use the keypad phone compared to other options. Apart from this, the keypad phones are a lot more durable when compared to other options.
  • Many people are concerned about their privacy, and hence they wish to avoid using the modern day mobile phone. In such a case, the keypad phone without internet connectivity offers higher levels of privacy when compared to the other options.
  • Some offices have a grey area where you are not allowed to use the camera mobile phone. Some keypad phones are available without a camera, and hence such people would need to buy the keypad phone without the camera.
  • You may also come across people who need to be on the field or travel a lot. The problem with the new-gen mobile phones is that the battery doesn’t last long. The keypad phones with larger batteries can last for even 3 to 5 days without needing a charge.
  • Some people have a disability related to eyesight. In such a case, it becomes almost impossible for such people to use a mobile phone with a touchscreen. The phones with keypads provide them with feedback because of the physical button, and hence people with such disabilities also use the keypad phone.

Best Selling Keypad Phones Below 2000 INR

Let us now move ahead and check out the top options available in the Indian market. You can scroll through the list and check out the features, specifications, reviews, pros and cons of the best quality keypad phones priced option under Rs 2000.

1. Nokia 110 Dual SIM

Nokia 110 Dual SIM

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If you are looking for an affordable yet most durable keypad phone, you should not look for anything apart from Nokia. The mobile phone is very durable, and it also has a great talk time. You get a long battery duration along with other features like FM Radio & Music Player. You can load the content on the phone using the memory card. The camera of the phone has decent quality, and it can serve you the basic purpose. The Dual SIM phone enables you to use different connections and optimize your phone bread. The phone also has a video player so you can easily kill time when you are travelling. If you choose this phone, you are getting the durability of Nokia and the keypad form factor that will meet your needs.

Here are the specifications of the phone

Display Type Coloured Camera 0.3 MP Rear Camera
Sim Support Dual Sim Storage Expandable upto 32 GB
Battery 3 watt-hour FM Present
Internet Connectivity Not Available Bluetooth Not Available
Language Multi-Lingual Support Warranty One year


Pros Cons
14 hours of talk time with 18.5 days standby time. Limited storage for contacts.
Features a music player and FM Radio  
Made in India  
Available in three colours  
Integrated torchlight  

2. Lava Flip, Red

Lava Flip, Red

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Flip phones are always a great choice if you are looking for a phone that looks great. This keypad phone from Lava features a flip form factor with a notification LED on the top. The battery lasts for three days with decent usage, and the brand provides you with a one-year replacement guarantee when you buy this model. The phone is undoubtedly very durable since it passed the military grade test. The Dual-SIM support helps you manage the connections, and there is an additional super battery mode in the phone that makes the phone run for a long duration. You can also enable the auto call recording feature if you need a phone to record the calls. Overall, this is one of the best options available for those who are looking for something different.

Here are the specifications of the phone

Display Type 2.4 Inch Coloured Camera VGA Camera
Sim Support Dual Sim Storage Expandable Up to 32 GB
Battery 1200 mAh FM Available
Internet Connectivity Available Bluetooth Not Available
Language Multi-Lingual Support Warranty 1 Year




The flip design looks very attractive Nothing as such.
Available in Blue & Red colours  
Number talker for higher accessibility.  
The battery lasts 3 days.  
Military grade certified  

3. New Jio Phone 3 Model Black Security

New Jio Phone 3 Model 2021 Black Security

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The problem with some of the phones on this list is that they are not compatible with JIO. If you are in similar trouble, you can go ahead and opt for this phone from Reliance, and you will love it. With this phone, you can access all the Jio applications that can help you play music, watch TV, set caller tunes, play games, and do many other stuff. The VGA camera is decent, and the memory is expandable to 128 GB. Apart from this, the 4G internet connection helps you a great deal. This is the only phone on the list that features 4G connectivity along with GPS navigation. If you buy a Jio phone, you can also go ahead and do video calls. This mobile phone will be well within your budget, and you are going to love it.

Here are the specifications of the phone

Display Type 2.4 inch coloured Camera VGA Camera Rear & Front Camera
Sim Support 4G Jio Support Storage Expandable Up to 128 GB
Battery 1500 mAh FM Available
Internet Connectivity Available Bluetooth Available
Language Multi-Lingual Support Warranty One year




A fully loaded phone that supports 4G It only supports Jio SIM.
GPS support for easy navigation.  
Jio service provided with the phone.  
Comes with voice assistance.  
Supports Video calls  

4. Micromax x741 with Big Battery 1750mh

Micromax x741 with Big Battery 1750mh

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We all feel a sense of pride in using Made in India products. If you are looking for something similar, then you can check out this option from Micromax. The mobile phone has all the usual features, along with an ultra-bright LED torch. The phone camera takes decent pictures, and the wireless FM keeps you entertained during the journey. The power saving mode helps you make the phone last longer when you are not near a power source. Apart from this, other features like automatic call recording, music keys, and number talk back. The phone charges very quickly, and the brand also has pro-active customer service. This phone is certainly worth a look if you are looking for something reliable yet affordable.

Here are the specifications of the phone

Display Type 6.1 cm Colour Camera 0.3 MP
Sim Support Dual SIM Storage Expandable up to 32 GB
Battery 1750 mAh FM Available
Internet Connectivity Available Bluetooth Available
Language Multi-Lingual Support Warranty 1 Year




It comes with a number talk back feature Some people didn’t like the quality of the phone.
Records call automatically  
Excellent battery life of 24 hours.  
The torch is very bright.  
Affordable option.  

5. PHILIPS E125 Multimedia Feature Keypad Mobile

PHILIPS E125 Multimedia Feature Keypad Mobile

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Philips is a trendy brand in India, and it comes with a lot of features. The phone has 32 MB RAM and ROM, which takes care of your needs. You can increase the storage with the help of a card. Apart from this, dual SIM support is always a welcoming feature. The 2000 mAh battery delivers a decent battery life, and the QVGA camera can click decent pictures. The wireless FM can always build a good case, and the Bluetooth helps you transfer the data or use the wireless headsets. You also get access to the file manager and call recorder on this phone, and the speaker also enables you to share the joy of music with your friends. With the support for 22 languages, it is the maximum you will find on any mobile phone.

Here are the specifications of the phone

Display Type 1.77 Inch Display Camera QVGA Camera
Sim Support Dual SIM Storage Expandable Up to 16 GB
Battery 2000 mAh FM Available
Internet Connectivity Not Available Bluetooth Available
Language 22 Language Support Warranty 1 Year




The speaker quality is impressive. The screen is small.
Supports 22 language  
Comes with a powerful LED torch.  
Extra-long battery life.  
It has Bluetooth and supports call recording.  

Top Keypad Mobile Phone Brands in India

If you are not satisfied with the mobile phones you have seen, it is probably time to review the products at a brand level. You can check out the popular brands in India that manufacture keypad mobile, and you can look at the options available from these brands. So, here is the list for you.


Reliance came up as a trendy brand after the launch of Jio phones. There are multiple options available from Reliance, and they are affordable as well. You can get a mobile phone with a monthly plan too.


Nokia was once the most popular mobile phone brand. The company has revamped its product line, and it has come up with new mobile phones. There are also many keypad phones available from Nokia, which are worth a look at.


The next option available to you is Samsung. The Guru series from Samsung has many options available for the keypad phone, and you must check out the offerings from the brand.


If you are looking for a premium brand, you can choose a phone from Blackberry. Most of the phones feature a full keypad, and they are worth the purchase if you want a fully loaded keypad phone.


Gionee is also a famous brand that manufactures affordable keypad phones. If you want something affordable and reliable, then you can check out the offerings from Gionee.


One of the Indian brands on the list is Micromax, and this is also the brand that made affordable top-spec flagship phones. Micromax is also into the business of affordable keypad phones, and you can check out the same.


Lava is yet another brand that manufactures keypad phones. If you still have a thing for flip phones, you can even check out the options from Lava, and we are sure you will find one appropriate model for yourself.


The last brand on the list is Philips. It is a durable brand for consumer electronics, and the keypad phone from Philips is also very reliable. The phones from the brand are loaded with the features.

Final Note

You have been through the reviews of the top 7 keypad mobiles available in India. All of them are reliable, and they are the brand that you can trust. You should check if the mobile supports the JIO network or not. If you use JIO, then the JIO phone would be a great option, but again, you can evaluate your needs and purchase according to the same. You can check for multi-language support and check if the mobile supports the language that you need. Also, you can check the accessories offered to you. Moreover, you can check for features like Bluetooth, Expandable Memory, Internet Connectivity and similar information.

These features play a pivotal role in helping you decide the mobile phone that you purchase. The options that we have talked about can be a great gift to someone who hates touchscreen phones. If you know of any other keypad phone worth the purchase, you can leave the details in the comments and review it for other readers. Before closing the page, do share the page with someone who loves the old school keypad phones.

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