The Best Laptop Power Bank in India

Today technology has progressed so much that the power banks that used to come earlier only for phones but now also come for laptops. In the era of laptops coming, whether you are travelling for a personal reason or business work, due to lack of charging facility, you must have been frustrated too. But, now that era has gone because the laptop power bank is something of a marvellous invention.

A power bank works as a portable device for your device in which you won’t require to plug in the power bank to an energy source while you are charging your device. You just need to connect your laptop to the power bank. The best part is you won’t have the long charger wires that create tangling during your office work. Once your laptop has charged completely, a power back can charge the laptop multiple times and charging lasts for a long. Due to its lightweight & compact design, you can carry a power bank in your laptop bank wherever you go. Numerous brands manufactures power bank under budget. To help you choose the best, we have shortlisted some of the best laptop power banks in India that are available both online and offline.

laptop Power Bank

List of Best laptop power bank in India

How to choose the best Laptop power bank in India?

Choosing the right power bank for a laptop can be tough, as there are varieties of laptop power banks available in the market under different brands. To help you choose the best, we’ve put together a comprehensive shopping guide. This information covers several aspects that you will need to consider when buying a power bank.

  • Output Charge Current

It is essential to think about the rate at which the power bank can charge, as it affects the charge duration. Small USB devices usually take about half an amp, tablets expect charge current to be about an amp, and tablets can take about 2.5 amps. The fact is that a device will capture more current if it has a faster charge capability. The label of most power banks will indicate what current they can supply. There are some power banks available which are large and have multiple outputs, each output will be specific. Note: a power bank with number of  outputs may not be able to transfer the utmost current to all devices at the same time.

  • Inspect the Charging Connector

The power bank output relays over USB Type A, the largest USB connector used to interface with flash memory drives, USB Charge, etc. Simply put, it is a Micro-USB, and the upgraded version has in-built lighting, making it ideal charging with Apple lead. This will also help eliminate the need for different leads.

  • Weight and Size

Weight and size are other important aspects that you’ll need to keep in mind while choosing a power bank. This aspect will help determine how light the power bank is, whether it is travel-friendly or not, and how convenient it is to use. But, the higher the capacity of your power bank, the heavier and bigger it will be.

  • Lithium Polymer versus Lithium-Ion

Power banks require different batteries: Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer, and there are some minor differences between them. Lithium polymers are more reliable, strong and flexible, when it comes to their shape and size. They have a low risk of suffering from major electrolyte loss, have a low profile, and is lightweight. Lithium-ion, on the other hand, has a higher power density.

  • Multiple ports

While traditional power banks have a single output port, some larger power bank have more than one port. But, the modern version offers multiple ports, so you can have a lot of options to choose from.