Top 10 Best Missile Technology Countries in the World 2023-24

There is so much missile technology so far that it has made the world a dangerous place to live in. Some missile technologies are so powerful that they can obliterate an entire city. The horrific effects of the nuclear missiles on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are in front of everyone. And the worse part of it is that different countries are still increasing their missile technologies. In these conditions, it isn’t impossible to imagine a World War III.

Some countries have too much missile technologies while others hardly have any.

Here is the list of top 10 best missile technology countries in the world:

10. North Korea

North Korea has been focusing on making nuclear missile technology since the 1970s. And it has progressed quite well so far. The latest North Korean missiles are focused on long ranged missiles which have the potential to reach the United States. North Korea first succeeded in making the Scud – B missile technology way back in 1984 and since that, it has never looked back. It also succeeded in making Scud – C and Scud – D with ranges of 500 km and 800 km respectively.

Due to the increasing missile technologies, North Korea has faced a number of international bans. There are also rumors that North Korea has 10 dangerous nuclear weapons under its possession.

9. Iran

Iran possesses a complete missile technology with the development of short-range, long-range missiles which has made the country more powerful than ever before. Shehab-1, with a range of 300 km and Shehab-2, with a range of 550 km are two of the best defense missiles of Iran. Shehab-3, with a range of 1300 km was also successfully tested in 2004.

Iran successfully launched a missile in space on Thursday, two days after the United States passed a bill to impose new sanctions on it. However, Iran has always denied having nuclear weapons. The American intelligence wants to know the number of nuclear weapons it possesses, but has been unsuccessful so far.

8. Israel

Israel is one of the luckiest countries in the world as it has the support of the super power, United States. In nuclear technologies, United States also supports Israel. Jericho-1 was created by the country with a range of 500 km and after that, Jericho-2 was also created in the 1970s with the exclusive help from United States.

Recently, a joint exercise was conducted between Israeli forces and U.S. command represents before Israel begins one of the most elaborate missile systems in the world. When it is completed, the missile technology will overpower anything in the Middle East and the developers have even claimed that it will surpass the United States missile technology, in some ways.

7. Pakistan

During the 1990s, Pakistan became a nuclear power by the successful test of Shaheen-1 ballistic missile with a range of 750 km. Other than this, in order to make the country strong, the country purchased ballistic missiles from China and No- Dong ballistic missiles from North Korea. In addition to this, Pakistan has also developed 120 nuclear missile weapons with a 100% success rate.

A missile research and development program was also started by Pakistan during the 1990s in response to India’s equivalent program. The program was started in 1987 and has spawned several strategic missile systems of conventional and non-conventional payloads. So, the missile technology is getting better day by day.

6. India

India is one of the most important and largest countries in the whole world. So its missile technology can’t be denied. Prithvi-1 and Prithvi-2 were developed to save the country during the war period. Other than this, Agni-1 and Agni-2 were also created with a range of 700 km and 2500 km respectively. Agni- III was also created with a range of nearly 4,000 km.

India also has a lot of nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Other than making its own nuclear weapons, it has also purchased many nuclear weapons from other countries, especially Russia. It has also started a number of missile technology projects, like project Devil, Project Valiant, Akash and Nag.

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is another important missile technology country whose importance can’t be overlooked. It possesses of number of weapons of mass destruction. In the year 1952, the country tested its first missile and first hydrogen bomb in the year 1957 under the name of Operation Grapple.

It is estimated that United Kingdom has about 120 active nuclear weapons and 215 nuclear weapons in total. The country has spent billions of dollars in the quest of the latest and updated nuclear weapons.

4. France

The first nuclear technology was tested by France in the year 1960 and the bomb was tested in 1968. M-51 was also developed with a range of 10,000 km. This missile has made France a strong country.

The French republic is also known for its cultural richness but it also has over 300 lethal nuclear weapons. Recently, France has also signed an agreement with UK which will explore the nuclear technology and enhance it. The main essence of the agreement is to exchange information, so that both the countries benefit from each other missile technologies.

3. China

China created the missile Dongfeng 5-A, which has a range of 13,000 km and it is a good replacement of DF-5A ICBM. The country has also created Dongfeng 31-A with a range of 11,000 km to secure the country enemy attack and reply back during war times. The 1st weapon was tested during the year 1964 and the hydrogen bomb was tested in 1967.

China is known for its low-cost bulk production. But it has been working on nuclear missile technology for many years. China possesses about 250 nuclear weapons so far.

2. United States

United States take the missile technology to a whole new ball game. It has developed the minuteman – III with a range of 10,000 km and can travel at a speed of 15,000 mph, making it the strongest missile so far. The country has another powerful missile named UGM 133-Trident 2, having a range of 11,000 km and a speed of 13,000 mph.

America has over 7700 nuclear weapons and it has also been selling nuclear weapons in different countries.

1. Russia

Russia is by far the number one country when it comes to nuclear missile technology. It had about 45,000 nuclear missiles at one point due to the nuclear race and competition from the west. However, it was dismantled and now currently, its missiles have been cut short to about 7500. And out of these, 1800 are active whereas the others are dismantled. It also has around 515 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Due to the vast number of missiles, Russia is the biggest exporter of missiles.

Russia is also catching up with US and China in developing missile technology which uses artificial intelligence. These missiles can change course in mid-air and choose the targets.


The world is changing rapidly and the missile technologies are a proof of them. Every country is trying to be better in nuclear technology as compared to the other. Let’s hope that each country uses this power for the betterment of humankind.

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