In Delhi, you will get many Non-Governmental Organizations that are actively working. They have done a lot of good works for the oppressed and deprived sections of society. In this part, we will try to know about some of the best NGO’s in the city.

This will help you to an excellent extent to select the good ones.

1. Agrani India Foundation

It is one of the best and famous NGOs in Delhi. They are focused on educating rural Indian children. It has a lot of volunteers who actively participate in this NGO. They try to offer the best service to the poor sections of society. The NGO is always ready and interested in taking monetary assistance from the people. This is the best NGO.


Another reputed NGO in Delhi is Astha. They have been walking long to sponsor the education of the childrens. They have some experts and workers who have dedicated their lives to the development of the childrens. The NGO operates in various parts of the city. You can see various branches of the NGO in the city. They have gained good confidence in the people.

3. Smile Foundation

It is an NGO working for the betterment of the underprivileged children. The young entrepreneurs run it. They give full dedication. The organization was set up in 2002. The NGO has also won many awards and recognitions from the authorities. They have a lot of dedicated workers and volunteers who are working whole-heartedly.

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