Top 10 Best Pistachios Brand In India

Between meals, satisfying your hunger with some dry fruits like pistachio might be a good idea. They provide several health advantages due to their high protein, vitamin, and mineral content. We may increase our strength and vitality by eating dry fruits every day and one must have some of these nuts every day.

Pistachios are a kind of cashew that originally grew in Central Asia.  Pistacia vera tree is the source of the superfood. Pistachios are a great way to improve the health of you, your loved ones, and your community.

It has been fortified with a wide variety of beneficial substances, including protein, fatty acids, antioxidants, and many more.

Pistachios have a strong shell that makes them difficult to crack open. If the nut’s shell has a split, you can pry it apart using another pistachio’s shell. If the shells don’t already have a crack, you may open them by placing nuts on a chopping board, covering them with a cloth, and giving them a little whack.

You may store pistachios (shelled or unshelled) for up to one year in the fridge, and up to three years in the freezer.

List of Top Pistachios Brand In India


 Here are some of the most reliable pistachio brands that we recommend trying.

1. Happilo

In 2016, Happilo, a health food company, was founded. Bengaluru is home to its headquarters. You may get a variety of items, including pistachios, under the Happilo brand.

When it comes to pistachios, this is one of the top brands available in India. It provides a wide selection of dried fruits from India to meet the demands of every customer. It offers both high-quality and plentiful goods. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the past several years, and today you can find locations all throughout India.

2. Nutty Gritties

Nutty Gritties provides the perfect items for you if you’re a fan of gigantic pistachios. They employ a unique dry roasting method to create deliciously unique roasted pistachios. These pistachios have the perfect amount of salt, making them hard to put down. That does not alter their inherent taste in any way.

It is, one of India’s most popular pista brands, places a premium on not adding harmful oils to their snacks. This is why these pistachios are packaged in their original, unprocessed form, without even a drop of oil.

3. Nutraj

Nutraj has the world’s largest selection of exotic nuts and dried fruits. Due to their high standards of quality and cleanliness, it has become one of India’s most popular brands of dry fruits. Their goods are tasty, wholesome, and easy on the stomach. Its dried fruits may be purchased online for 150-900 rupees, depending on the quantity.

It is well-known for its large selection of dry fruits and nuts; its premium pistachios are sourced from throughout the world using the company’s extensive distribution network. Each and every pistachio that goes into their packages is carefully inspected for quality.

Some of the popular pistachio picks are California Pista, Iranian Pista, Salted Pista, Signature roasted, etc.

4. Urban Platter

It’s a well-respected name in India’s food-manufacturing industry. They make the best organic pistachios in the world. Recent studies have ranked Urban Platter as a top provider of pistachios in India.

Dhaval Kenia & Chirag Kenia, two brothers, established the company in 2015. They’ve earned their customers’ confidence in a hurry because to the superior quality of their dried fruits or nuts. They yield dry fruits that are both crunchy and delicious. In order to meet the demands of their clientele, they provide a wide selection of dried fruits. Urban Platter’s mission is to unite people from all walks of life over delicious cuisine.

5. Farmley Premium

Need reasonably priced, nutritious munchies of good quality? Then you must taste the roasted & salted pistachio from Farmley Premium. Farmley pistachios, one of the greatest brands in India, are the highest quality since they are harvested by hand immediately after harvest and are not subject to any sort of processing.

It also places great value on preserving the original taste of their goods. Therefore, a minimal amount of salt is used as a condiment.

6. Wonderful Pistachios

Pistachios are the most popular snack nut in the United States and the wise, nutritious option for people all around the world. More people than ever before know about the health advantages of pistachios thanks to the Get Crackin’ advertising campaign. Amazingly, Wonderful Pistachios can hold their own against the leading brands of salty snacks sold in supermarkets.

Wonderful Orchards cultivates approximately one hundred thousand acres in California’s Central Valley to meet consumer demand. The natural soils combined with the temperate daytime temperatures make for ideal growth conditions. Using cutting-edge eco-friendly methods, Wonderful Orchards cultivates and harvests every pistachio with meticulous care.

7. Ziofit

Ziofit is a popular brand that provides reasonably priced, high-quality nuts and dried fruits. Before being packaged, the pistachios are nitrogen flushed to preserve their inherent freshness, flavor, and texture. Additionally, you can relax knowing that they are packaged in a facility that adheres to all applicable food safety regulations.

And the saltiness of their roasted, salted pistachios is just ideal. Therefore, having high blood pressure is not dangerous even if you already have it.

The vitamins and minerals included in pistachios are beneficial to health in general. They have more fiber than almost any other type of snack nut. Its Pistachios are also Non-GMO Project Verified, which is a huge plus.

8. Tulsi Dry Fruit

Tulsi ranks high among India’s finest dry fruit merchants. India is the world’s leading producer of dried fruits. Tulsi is where you go for the finest fresh dried fruits around. They’ve spread to every continent. This company supplies the largest variety of food items to the Indian food sector.

HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 certifications have been earned by the business. Tulsi has been providing its clients with high-quality goods and a wide selection for quite some time.

9. Spicy Cart

Spicy Cart’s pistachios are the best of the best when it comes to snacking. Pistachios from this brand are delicious and healthy since they are raw and not too salted or roasted.

The only downside of buying from the spice cart is the price, as all of their pistas are of the highest quality.

You don’t have to give up snacks to lose weight. Pistachios are high in protein for a food derived from a plant. In addition to being delicious, a single serving provides enough pistachios to fulfill your cravings for several snacks.

10. Vedaka Dry fruit

Vedaka dried fruits are widely available in internet markets. They provide us with a wide variety of nuts and seeds. This is one of the best Indian dry fruit brands if you want your nuts crunchy and your fruits crisp. The FSSAI has certified that all of their goods are safe for human consumption.

It provides dried fruits packaged in materials that are suitable for human consumption. These bundles are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they are up to par with the best in the business.

Pistachios are a delicious and healthy snack. They have greater protein content than other nuts and contain 20% protein. This protein has been shown to increase satiety and aid in weight control.


Due to their high fiber content, pistachios can foster the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Short-chain fatty acids, produced when fiber is fermented by gut bacteria, are associated with a lower risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Pistachios have been linked to weight loss in several studies. Because of the high levels of protein and fiber in them, eating less calories is possible.

If you are also fond of eating pistachios, and want to try the high-quality nuts, then try any of the above-mentioned premium pistachios brands today.

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