The Best Plastic Cutting Board in India

If you are looking for the perfect vegetable cutting platform, you must try one of the plastic cutting boards. They are one of the most convenient ways of chopping vegetables. You can also lower the risk of getting injured while cutting the vegetables by using the boards. Vegetable chopping boards are used both in domestic kitchens and commercial kitchens. It makes the cutting hassle-free and better in all aspects. If you start cutting the vegetables, you will soon get acquainted with them. You will never like to use any other ones in the future.

The cutting boards are available in various metals. You can get cutting boards made of wooden, plastic, and stainless steel. You can select the most suitable one from the list. These boards come with an elegant look. It also requires less maintenance. If you use a stainless steel cutting board, you can easily wash it with soap and water. It is okay if you buy the ones that are manufactured by reputed brands. You will find good warranty period with the product. It would be helpful  if you could remember not to leave the cutting boards in  the water for an extended period of time.

Plastic Cutting Board

List of Best Plastic Vegetable Cutting Board in India

How to choose the best plastic cutting board in India?

Chopping vegetables is a repetitive kitchen task, so you’ll need a quality cutting board. While choosing them, you will find tons of options around you which will create confusion. Some manufacturers claim to offer high-end plastic boards, but are not that good in quality. To make your selection job less daunting, we are going to mention a comprehensive shopping guide. Let’s take a look:

  • Material

Depending on your cooking needs, you should choose a cutting board. If would plan to chop meat regularly, opt for a food-grade safe plastic chopping board. And, having two boards to separate the non-vegetarian and vegetarian chopping requirements would not be a bad idea.

  • Base

Cutting and chopping on a rough base can be painful and upsetting. However, chopping boards come with rough and smooth bases, so pay attention to those when choosing. Choosing a chopping board with a sturdy base can help catch the juices from ingredients like meat, tomatoes, etc. Plus, it won’t let it spread across the board. But, for chopping vegetables like onions, carrots, and other dry food, it is perfect to choose a smooth flat chopping board.

  • Shapes and Sizes

Being a kitchen item, and keeping the convenience of the users in mind, manufacturers offer cutting boards in various shapes and sizes. Rectangular and circular shapes are the most common shapes, of which the most commonly used are rectangular chopping boards.

To make it simple, you should choose one that is not too big to fit on the shelf in your kitchen. Also, depending on the availability of kitchen space, you can choose accordingly. Also, don’t forget to check the dimensions of the cutting board. Pro tip: always look for a moderate-sized board that can be used for numerous purposes.

  • Non-Skid feet

Non-skid feet are the most avoidable yet essential factor that can make a significant difference. Those boards have anti-skid feet that won’t move or slide while cutting vegetables, meats, fruits, or other item. It will keep boards in place and allow you hassle-free choping. In this way, you can avoid a mess around your kitchen.

  • With or Without Handle

Handles sticking to the boards sometimes cause a mess, making the job of cleaning difficult. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a chopping board with short or no handles.

  • Safety

The plastic board you choose should be free of BPA or chemicals as it can enter your food causing health issues.