In the primary stage of the child, a playschool plays an important role. It indicates your child get on a whole new journey of schooling.Along with mental development, it is important to develop your child’s physical development.If you belong to the capital city of Delhi, there is a wide array of the best pre-schools to visit.Many play schools in Delhi have an integrated and learning-based approach. You can choose any one of these options, keeping in mind that your child feels comfortable and enjoys going to school. Let’s have a look:

1. Bachpan Playschool

Bachpan Play School situated at Dwarka in New Delhi purpose to provide the best of academics and facilities to the little ones. It is established to ensure that little ones are provided with an environment that is most favourable to catalyse the baby’s emotional, physical, cerebral and social development. Bachpan supplies to the education needs of nursery, playgroup, and LKG and UKG children.

2. Eurokids Preschool

Established in 2001, Eurokidshas numerous branches in 6 cities with K-12 schools. It is located in New Delhi’s NarainaVihar. Eurokids imparts education such as Playgroup, Nursery, EuroSenior and EuroJunior. The curriculum of schools focuses on being blended, mindful and spaced for holistic development in kids.

3. Little Millennium

Little Millennium aims to provide little ones with a strong development foundation by applying an integrated approach to learning and education. The prospectus of preschool was developed exclusively for two to six years old. It ensures the holistic growth of every child.

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