The Best Soda Water in India

It may seem like there is no confusion in choosing a soda water brand in India, but if you drink it regularly, just to refresh and rehydrate yourself, or you enjoy it with your alcoholic beverages, then you know what difference it makes. And because of the tasteless flavour of soda water, people usually think that it’s a total waste of time to think about which brand they should go with because they all taste the same. Well, that’s right, those are a newbie’s thoughts, but if you enjoy it regularly, then you know there’s a lot that goes into making soda water.

You stumbled upon this post today because you’re searching for the best soda water brands in India because you know different brands offer something different in their products, even if they’re in the same category. Along with our top picks, we’ll also share a detailed buying guide so that you can look at hundreds of brands and still pick the best one. We will be sharing some important factors that you should consider that you have never thought of before. So let’s dive deep and find that refreshing, good mouthfeel of soda water for you.

Soda Water

List of Best Soda Water in India

How to Choose the Best Soda Water?

There are a few things that make a soda brand stand out from the crowd, and we’re going to look at these specific points, so you’ll know better about the soda you’re drinking.

Soda Taste

Usually, soda water tastes a bit bitter. It’s because of the carbonic acid present in it. Carbonic acid forms in water when you mix or dissolve CO2 into the water, and this is what gives the water a slightly bitter taste. Along with that, if there are minerals present in the soda water, then the mouthfeel would be like you’re drinking groundwater with a slight bitterness. Many people actually drink soda water because they want to fulfil the mineral needs of their bodies, this way, they feel properly hydrated. Specifically talking about the minerals, so you’ll usually find calcium, sodium, zinc, and magnesium, which are essential minerals for the human body. And if you buy regular soda water and it does not taste bitter (it’s just flavour less) with fizz, then we can say that particular soda water does not have the same amount of minerals dissolved in it.


When you look around the market, you’ll find so many beverages with fizz. The fizz of a drink comes from the amount of CO2 gas dissolved in it, and that’s why it gives you that crisp feeling when it first touches your tongue. However, it is hard to say what people like the most: the crispiness of their drink or the fizz. But we can say for sure that if you’re going with a fizzy beverage like soda water and the fizz fades away really fast, then it would be a really disappointing experience for you. Just to keep this fact in mind, we have compiled this list of top soda water brands you can go with, and you can be assured that the fizz will last longer than usual soda water brands.

Bottle/Can Quantities

When you head over to the market to get soda water, you’ll notice that there are a few options available in terms of quantities. The quantities for soda water bottles vary from 200 to 750ml. Usually, people go for 500 to 750 ml because they don’t want to be short on soda water while enjoying alcoholic beverages or just drinking soda water itself. The 200ml to 250ml packaging is offered by premium brands, which means usually you’ll get better quality, but pricing would be a little higher.

Price Range

You can find soda water for just Rs.25 or you can also go with Rs.55 to 75, but you may ask, what’s the difference? Well, the difference is in the making of that soda water. Premium soda water usually tends to taste better and the fizz lasts longer than normal soda. And if you regularly drink soda water, then we’d say you should give it a try at least once. If you don’t care that much about the flavour, and you just want something to mix into your drink other than water, then definitely a regular soda water bottle would be great.