The Best Solar Emergency Light in India

Have you ever seen the floodlights? What are these lights? These are the lights that come with high power and they are mostly used for outdoor or travel purposes. The solar lights function uniquely. They take the solar power from the sun and absorbs it. They have in-built batteries that are used during the night time. You can also use these lights for your home because It does not cost you any electricity charges and battery replacement efforts.

It is found that the solar emergency lights are much eco-friendly and they are best. Most of the places has started using these lights to save energy and make the best use of solar energy. They have a good demand at the same time.

Solar Emergency Light

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How to Buy the Best Solar Emergency Light in India?

Here you will learn about the exact process on how to buy the best solar emergency light. There are some essential points that you must determine while selecting them.

Learn about the power selection:

This is one of the most important things that you need to check while planning to buy the solar emergency light. Most of the solar flood lights ranges between 20 watts to 1000 watts. There are some solar lights that can reach above 150 watts because of their power capacity. To get the right power you need to have a proper idea of the space. It is better if you have a prior idea on the measurement of the backyard or the space in which it is to be placed. Take for example if you have a 40 sq meter area you need to have a brightness that must be calculated accordingly.

Check the lifespan or service of the emergency light:

You must also check about the lifespan or service of the emergency light that you intend to purchase. It is found that a normal solar light has a life span of 20 to 25 years. However, it can also increase its lifetime if you maintain it properly. If you are willing to buy an emergency light make sure that it comes with a lithium battery and comes from a reputed brand. This will give you a long-term service at the same time.

Check whether the light is waterproof:

It is also essential to check that the light comes with waterproof feature. Most of the solar emergency lights are installed in the outer part of the house or building or any area. Thus, it must be essentially waterproof ones. They must have excellent water-resistant solution for a better service. You can opt for IP65 water proof solar emergency lights. They are the best ones.

Enquire about the charging time:

Most essentially you must have prior knowledge and information on the charging time of the emergency solar light. It is another crucial point to check while you opt to buy such lights. If the solar emergency light comes with lithium battery it is for sure that you can use it for a long time. It will also take less time to get charged. Generally, it takes four to six hours to get fully charged under the sunlight.

Check the special features of the solar emergency light:

You must also check and enquire about the special features of the solar emergency lights. There are many companies that are launching emergency solar lights that have automatic features. Some of them can be operated with remote. It is better if you have prior information on how to operate the same with the help of a remote. You must also enquire and learn about the installation process. It is better if the emergency light can be easily installed by the users or the one who is planning to use it.

Check out the reviews:

You need to check and visit some reliable sites that gives proper information on the reviews. They will give you full information on the solar emergency light that you intend to buy. It is good if you try to gather all such information’s and make the best use of it. You will get the best one from the big list.

Check the warranty period:

You must also check the warranty period of the solar emergency light. It is necessary to see that the emergency light comes with a proper warranty period within which you can exchange in the case of any issues or disturbances.