3 Best Stylish Sunglasses in India

It is always necessary to wear sunglasses when you step out of the house during the day. However, when it is summer and you need to go out in the scorching heat, you must wear a sunglass that can protect your eyes and keep you cool from the sun’s heat. Apart from all this, sunglasses are also a dominating accessory. There are two reasons to wear sunglasses. It acts as a style icon and also gives complete protection to your eyes.

It is important to make sure that you buy sunglasses that come from reputed brands. With this, you can have full protection. In this part, you will learn about the top three stylish sunglasses available in India.

1. Fastrack Men Square Sunglasses black frame lens

Fastrack Men Square

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Fastrack has always been on the list of companies producing fashionable and stylish sunglasses. The glasses under this brand give full protection to your eyes from the harsh sun rays. Top-quality ingredients are used to manufacture these glasses. These make the glasses durable and good to a great extent. It is a high-quality sunglass made by the house of Titan. It comes in a black color, which makes the sunglasses much more attractive.

Pros Cons
Lenses are made of Polycarbonate materials. It would have been better if the Sunglass was available in a box or a pouch.
Made of high-quality materials  
Lens can be used for an extended period.  
The frames of the glass are hardy and of good-quality  

2. Elegant Rectangular sunglasses for women

Elegant Rectangular sunglasses

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It is another fashionable and great sunglass available on the market. There are many things special about this brand. It is made in such a manner that the glasses fit well on the women’s faces. It gives full protection to your eyes. This allows you to travel freely during the hot and humid days. The trendy and elegant look of the sunglasses is perfect for modern women. Another great thing about these glasses is that they are scratch-proof. You can easily use it for a long time. You can wear these glasses with any type of apparel or dress. This is why it is much preferred.

Pros Cons
Lens provides good protection from sunrays. It would have been better if the  Frames were made a little studier.
The glasses are scratch proof to a good extent.  
Uniquely designed for modern women.  
It is available in free sizes.  

3. GAINX Retro rectangular aviator sunglasses with premium glasses


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Are you looking for a sunglass that will give you a fashionable look or will enhance your appearance to some extent? If it is so, you must go with the GAINX retro rectangular sunglasses. These sunglasses are stylish and suitable for any face. It has an alloy metal frame that is sturdy and you can use it for an extended period of time. It also comes with a comfortable nose pad design. This will never allow you to have black marks on both sides of your nose. The nose pads are adjustable, and this allows you to use the glasses. The glasses will provide you with 100% protection from ultra-violet rays.

Pros Cons
These glasses are perfect for any faces. It would have been better if the period for the glasses  manufacturer provided good warranty
The glasses give 100% ultra violet protection.  
It comes with adjustable nose pads.  
The nose pads will protect your nose from marks.  
The frames are made of alloy metal.  

Final words:

Sunglasses are always a crucial accessory for both men and women. With the increasing ultra violet rays, it is vital to give good protection to the eyes. It is possible with the assistance of branded and good sunglasses. They are durable and made of quality products.