Top 10 Best Water Heater Manufacturers in India

Ever cursed the weather during a bath on the chilling mornings of winter? I bet you have. There’s no shying around, the wrath of the cold water on a winter day is as bad as it gets. Guess, that’s enough for the dreary feels. But how about we seek a solution that shall ward these inconvenient cold showers? Step forward, the water heaters! That’s one heck of a solution, ain’t that?

Water heaters are precisely the best option on offer that shall help endure the chills rather pleasingly. Here’s where water heater manufacturers come into play. And we’ve got a list of them in our ‘Top 10 Best Water Heater Manufacturers in India’ down below.

There’s plenty of top companies that have been offering water heaters in the Indian market. We did our little gig around them and unearthed the top picks from the lot. Winter’s around the corner, it’s time we switch to these water heaters, don’t we?

Read along, then!

10) AO Smith

For the first entry into our list, we have an Indian manufacturer that specializes in high-quality water heaters. It’s time we start off with AO Smith, the top-line water heater manufacturers.

AO Smith has been offering its products with great features like wired remote control, glass coated heating element, blue diamond technology, safety valve and more. the products offerings from AO Smith can be purchased via leading online marketplace in India.

9) Venus

Next, up, we’ve got another best-seller of the water heater in India, Venus. Venus has been offering water heaters with thermostat and thermal cutout options for years.

The company specializes in offering multi-function water heaters with rust proof body that’s packed with the pure copper tank. If that’s not enough for you, here’s an offer. The company offers 2+10 years of warranty on its products. The water heaters from Venus can be purchased via online marketplace in India.

8) ELAC 

One of the leading water heater manufacturers of the nation, Elac has been offering high-quality products at an affordable cut. Its product line is equipped with glass lined coated tank that can handle high-pressure applications.

The company offers multifunctional valve, power saving mode, heavy duty protective anode along with lifetime free service at its base in Chennai. The company offers 2 years of guarantee of the product along with extra privileges.

7) Crompton Greaves 

Quite a famed name in the household appliance niche, Compton Greaves has a wide range of water heaters that offers best of solutions for a home. Their product line is pretty easy to operate and thus supports home usage at best.

The water heaters are pre-fitted with nano-polymer coated tank that lends durability and top-notch quality to the product. The water heaters from Crompton Greaves comes with 1-2 years of warranty based on the models.

6) Ferroli

An Italian company that’s been reckoned as the pioneers in heating technology throughout the world, Ferroli has been offering products in more than 100 nations at current.

Ferroli offers water heaters for both domestic and commercial application under their product catalog. The products feature blue forever heating element along with digital temperature display. It also sports ling lasting anode with silicon enamel coated tank that can regulate high pressure and temperature.

5) V-Guard  

A company that’s been around since 1977, V-Guard have quite a reputation in the Indian market. Famed for their voltage stabilizers back then, they offer top-of-the-line water heaters on their product catalog these days.

The company has a wide range of water heaters with models named as Steamer, Sprinhot, Krystal, Pebble and more. The water heaters are priced at a competitive rate which is as good as a customer would want out of a deal.

4) Havells  

Havells ticks the fourth number on our list adhering to its new generation of water heaters that offers instantaneous water heating functionality. The company backs its product with a high voltage instant heating element which holds great significance.

The product line of Havells offers rust and shock proof designing along with adjustable knob for temperature settings. The water heaters come pre-fitted with a heating indicator, leakage protection device and more.

3) Bajaj

Bajaj has been a household name for the home appliance in India and rest be assured, water heaters from them are one of the best on offer. Their product line offers hot water supply for kitchen and bathroom purpose.

Bajaj water heaters are laden with long lasting heating element along with neon indicators for functioning. For the time being, the company has been offering 2 years of warranty on the product with 5 years of warranty on inner tank.

2) Macro 

A quintessential water heater manufacturing company in India, Macro has quite a stellar reputation. The company has long been offering products that offer hot water supply for all your home needs.

It has a wide range of product lineage like gas water heaters, wall mounted boilers, central water heater system and more. The variants from Macro support automatic temperature control that allows temperature adjustment as per the need. With top-notch quality remarks, you can definitely count on Macro.

1) Morphy Richards

Stationed at the top of the line is the erstwhile home appliance manufacturer company of India, Morphy Richards. It has been offering a range of highly intuitive and efficient water heaters for years and continues to do so.

The water heater comes in all sorts of sizes from 10 ltr to 25 ltr units. It features a compact design that’s modeled with rust proof thermoplastic. They are pre-fitted with long life heating element along with triple safety system. A trustworthy company on quality assurance, Morphy Richards is the best one can get along in the Indian market.

What’s your top pick of the bunch, then? Go on, share your views. And aha, time’s ticking over, winter ain’t far away, better get readied for it. 

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