Top 10 Biggest Waterfalls in India

Anyone who has seen the waterfalls from the upper view can literally feel the divine grace of aesthetic natural beauty. India is blessed with natural sceneries, beautiful rivers, green meadows, and a rich source of flora & fauna. In fact, our country is not just about the sacred temples, religious places, and historical monuments; it boasts a variety of natural beauty from Trendy Tajmahal to Goa beaches to Ladakh snow lands and much more.

 Indian Waterfalls are natural wonders and God’s gift that gives peace of mind and attracts tourists across the country. Whether it is a romantic tour, picnic spot or family tour, waterfalls are something that you should not miss during your life journey. We have listed top 10 waterfalls in India. To know more about the best time to visit the waterfalls, just scroll down the article.

List of Top Waterfalls in India

10. Bhimlat falls, Rajasthan

Despite being low on the list, Bhimlat fall is undoubtedly the best ever waterfalls in India. Rajasthan is not just for hot sunny days and sand deserts but also meant for beautiful cold evenings. Bhimlat falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in India. The hot sand desserts attract a huge number of tourists because of its mesmerizing waterfalls in it. Based in Bundi, these amazing waterfalls enhance chill climate during the monsoon. It is just 60 meter up from the base and is a great scenic relief for people across Rajasthan. The Bhimlat falls is a must-visit place that one should visit at least once in their life. The nearest Airport is kotta and you have to travel 35 km from chittor road to feel the grace.

9. Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

With the gorgeous natural sceneries around the waterfall, Chirrapunji bears the most beautiful waterfalls, which is considered to have 335 m high falls rise. Whether it is travel photography or romantic visit for a newly married couple or just a family tour with your kids, chirrapunji is what you are looking for. Chirrapunji boasts adorable landscape that presents stunning scenes for the professional photographer. The passing clouds, foggy climate and green lushes around the waterfalls will help grab hundreds of thousands of tourists around the globe. Further, It helps is getting rid of stress, tension, and unnecessary frustrations. Based in chirapunji, the waterfall is just 128 km from its nearest Guwahati Airport. The best time to visit the waterfalls is November and February.

8. Nuranang Falls, Arunachal Pradesh

Based in Arunachal Pradesh, Nuranag waterfalls boast untouched natural sceneries that present adorable scenes for seasoned photographers. Situated in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh, it is becoming the best tourist destination in North India. Before entering the Tawang District, you have to travel from 5 to 6 km from nearest Jang Village. The route to reach the Nuranang falls is simple and amazing that anyone can reach the place without hassle. Rainy days are quite interesting to watch these mesmerizing waterfalls.

7. Jog falls

Jog falls is the 7th largest waterfalls in India. Monsoon is the perfect season to visit the waterfalls. It looks great from June to September. The Jog falls, surrounded by a valley of flowers, green lushes and natural scenes adds the touch of heaven to Shimoga. Jog falls is one of the reasons why Shimoga attracts a number of visitors around the globe. This adorable waterfall is located in the district border of Uttar Kannda and Shimoga. The hilltops around the high rise waterfalls make Shimoga a perfect trekking spot. The Nearest water source is Linganmakki Dam, which is across the river sharavathi. The power station near the Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric stations in India. Jog falls is a kind of plunge waterfalls. The jog fall situated at a distance of 400 km From Banglore, 87 km from Murudeswar and 21 km from Siddapur. It is the top destination of Karnataka.

Sharavathi River creates the jog falls from a height of 253 m. The high rise water comes down in four different falls coined as Rover, Rocket Raja, and Rani.  The four different river parts forms the huge waterfall. It is the best viewpoint near the parking area. The classic waterfall view is amazing from the bottom and you can enjoy the drizzling silver sizzles of the falls. However, it may be the dangerous waterfalls during the monsoon seasons that even the locals could not resist the splashing high-rise waterfalls. Unchalli Falls, Bennehole Falls, Yana Falls, Murudeshwar falls, koosalli waterfalls, Kudumari waterfalls, shivaganga falls and Banavasi falls are the must-visit mini waterfalls in jog falls.

6. Elephant falls

Next, to the Soochippara Falls, Elephant Falls is popularly known as one of the biggest waterfalls in India. The classic scenes and natural treasures around shilling is the reason why it stands out from other waterfalls. Despite the active & busiest picnic spot, the high-rise waterfall gives peace of mind wholeheartedly. During the monsoon season, you can expect high-rise waterfalls. November is the best time to visit the Elephant Falls. Before entering the city, you will have to travel 12 km from Shillong.. It is situated in the main city of shillong and is just 12 km away from the busy city life. The Meghalayan waterfall is considered as the two-tier waterfall- one is wirphang falls and the other is weilaplam falls. Both the two tier waterfalls are known as busy tourist spots. The unique part of meghalayan waterfall holds the main attraction of Shilong.

5. Soochippara Falls, Kerala

Based in Kerala, Soochippara waterfalls is the 5th biggest waterfall in India. This admiring waterfall is located just 23 km from Kaletta, Vellarimala village. The Soochippara Falls is popularly known as the best trekking spot & picnic spot. The green lushes and high hills around this beautiful waterfall are ideal for trekking, rock climbing, and other adventurous events. Summer is best for visiting the Soochipara falls. Being a spicy place, the Soochippara Falls is believed to have a dense forest surrounded by greenery and natural beauty. This Sochippara fall is created due to the springs that are generated in the high hills & mountains. Kerala’s largest waterfall is believed to have natural medications and is infused with natural herbs to cure many common skin diseases.

4. Bhagsu Waterfalls, Himachal Pradesh

Possessing the best natural treasure, Bhagsu waterfalls stands at 4th on our list of top 10 biggest Indian waterfalls. Yes, if you visit McLeod Ganj without seeing the Bhagsu Waterfalls, chances are that you may miss the lifetime opportunity to manifest the nature gaze. If you want to explore some adventurous event, Bhagsu waterfalls is what exactly you need. It is not the biggest Waterfall in India but it stands out from others. Gaggal is its nearest Airport and you can best visit the high-rise waterfall during monsoons, especially from June to September.

3. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappilly waterfalls are the ideal place to spend your monsoon seasons. It is the largest waterfalls in Kerala. The sizzling high-rise water slashes the lush green that presents the flora & fauna joyful bliss. The waterfall is the prime source of water for the village around. The lush green forest around the Athirappilly waterfalls is a home to a variety of rare species like Cochin Cane Turtles, Nilgiri Langur, and Great Indian Hornbill. The nearest Airport is Kochi International Airport. The monsoon, especially from June to September is the best time to visit the largest waterfalls.

2. The Dudhsagar waterfalls

The Dudhsagar is the 2nd largest waterfalls in India. The 1017 high rise waterfall is enriched with a rich source of natural scenes. It’s a beautiful four-tire waterfall that is located in Goa. The Dudhsagar waterfalls form the border between Goa and Karnataka. The landscape is surrounded by a dense forest with a rich biodiversity. You can take a dip in the beautiful Dudhsagar pool, which is located at the bottom of this waterfalls. Having traveled to Karnataka and getting the sizzling silver raindrops from Dudhsagar waterfalls is something that everyone should do.

1. Shivasamudram Waterfalls

Shivasamudram Waterfalls

Possessing great Scenic beauty, shivasamudra waterfalls is the biggest waterfalls in India. Being the biggest waterfalls, Shivasamudra falls attracts a huge number of visitors and tour around the globe. The waterfall is surrounded by a rich source of flora fauna. Apart from the scenic beauty, Shivasamudram waterfalls are popularly known as trekking spot. Shivasamudram Island divides Kaveri river into two different parts that form this beautiful waterfalls. Of which one is Bharachukki and the other is Ganganachukki. The classic scenes and beautiful lush greens make the Shivasamudra a must visit place in India. Bangalore is the nearest Airport station and you can avail buses from Mysore to reach the place without hassle. Visiting anytime from June to October is the best time.

This was the list of top 10 biggest waterfalls in India. These are not just the biggest waterfalls but the most beautiful and must-visit places in India. Have you seen any of the above waterfalls? Share your  amazing travel experience with us.

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