Can you Wear Tennis Shoes for Badminton?

Most of the time, the badminton and tennis enthusiasts ask this question ‘Is it okay to wear Tennis shoes while playing badminton?’ and vice-versa. The answer to this question is ‘yes’. But, we would never advise you to do that unless you do not have an emergency or are not stuck in a situation where there is no other option.

Now you might be thinking, ‘why?’ To help you understand the topic in a better way we have written this article for you. Read the information given below and you will get the answer to your question.

Tennis Shoes

What are the differences between badminton shoes and tennis shoes?

We believe, our readers are well aware of the differences between the two sports. Badminton and Tennis may look similar to some people. But, in reality, both sports are very different. Badminton and tennis, both of them have their styles of playing. Also, different skill sets are required to play each of them. Likewise, there are several differences found between tennis shoes and badminton shoes. Let us discuss them.

  • Differences in the types of sole: There is a major difference in the type of sole that is present on tennis shoes and the one present on the badminton shoes. As we all know, Tennis is a game that can be played on different court surfaces such as grass, clay or hard. Therefore, each court requires a specific type of shoes in order to provide less or more gripping as per the surface of the court. This means that, depending upon the court, the tennis shoes can either be softer or harder than the badminton shoes. On the other hand, the shoes made for badminton possess a thinner sole which is meant to lower the center of gravity of the player. This ensures the player does not get too many injuries, which usually occurs due to the player’s sudden movements in the game. The badminton shoes have a sole made of gum rubber that tends to offer an utmost level of traction on PU or wooden courts.
  • Differences in weight: The badminton focuses more on the agility and hence the badminton shoes have a lightweight. This ensures the movements of the player are not slowed down. While the tennis shoes have a lot of cushioning and hence are heavier. Also, the heel is raised to offer support to the joints of the tennis players.
  • Flexibility: The tennis shoes are designed to be less flexible as they provide support to the ankles. While the badminton shoes are a lot more flexible so the player can move in a better way.
  • Shoe designs: The badminton shoes are designed to be versatile on the wooden courts which offer unique movements to the players while the tennis shoes have more padding and raised heel which offers support to the joints of the players. Both shoes have unique designs.

That’s pretty much all about tennis and badminton shoes.