How To Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status By Visa Number

Checking the status of your Saudi visa is essential to stay updated on the progress of your application. Whether online or offline, specific steps and information are required to effectively track the status of your Saudi visa application and guide you on how to check saudi visa status.

Understanding the necessary details and the process can streamline this crucial aspect of your travel plans to Saudi Arabia. This guide outlines the steps and information needed for both online and offline methods to track your Saudi visa status efficiently.”

  • Gather Information: Collect your application number, visa document number, visa application number, and passport details. These are crucial for tracking your Saudi visa status.
  • Visit Official Website: Go to the Visa Department of Saudi Arabia website. Look for the ‘Check Visa Status’ option.
  • Input Details: Fill in the required fields on the form provided. Enter information such as your passport number, visa, or application number.
  • Complete Verification: Verify your input by completing the Captcha verification process.
  • Submit Inquiry: After filling in the necessary details, submit your inquiry to track the status of your Saudi visa application.
  • Status Display: Once submitted, the website will process your request. It will then display the current status of your Saudi visa application. If your visa gets approved, you can access details like its validity and type.

How To Check Offline Saudi Visa Status?

Lets understand how to check saudi arabia visa number through offline medium.

  • Visit MOFA Website: Visit the website to get details about the officials and process.
  • Contact MOFA: Reach out to MOFA through phone or email. Please provide them with your passport number, visa application number, and any other requested personal details.
  • Embassy Visit: Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Saudi Arabia embassy or immigration office during their operational hours. Make sure to carry all essential documents and visa application forms for further assistance and details.
  • Approval Process Time: Visa approval might take some time. It’s advisable to contact MOFA by phone or email before planning an in-person visit for the Saudi Arabia visa tracking process.


How do you check Saudi visa status using your passport number?

These steps, both online and offline, provide you with multiple options to track the status of your Saudi visa application and answer your question how to check saudi visa with visa number

  1. Visit Official website: Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and click the ‘Visa Application’ tab.
  2. Input Passport Details: Once on the relevant page, enter your passport and application numbers in the designated form or fields provided.
  3. Complete Verification: Verify your input by going through the Captcha procedure, ensuring that you’re not a robot. After completing the verification, click the ‘Search’ or ‘Submit’ button.
  4. View Visa Information: Upon submission, the website will process your query and display all relevant details related to your Saudi visa application. This could include the current status, type of visa, and other pertinent information.

So these steps will guide you to get a Saudi Arabia visa easily and on time.

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