Everything You Need to Know About a Stick Blender

A stick blender is an outstanding tool for helping in several food recipes. Stick blenders come in a variety of brands. All of them offer you some exceptional features. You might have seen your mom beating eggs with the help of a tool. Yes, that is what a stick blender does. It has several other attractive functionalities. If you are looking for a versatile blender that utilizes very little space, one of the best ideas is to go for a stick blender.

 The full-size countertop blender takes an exclusive kitchen corner for storage. However, you can fulfill the craving of all recipes that you prepare in the later with a stick blender too. If you are new to cooking and kitchen tools, we are here to guide your way through it. In the next few minutes, you will be able to learn all the necessary things about a good stick blender. It is always better to be informed about the tool you are buying. So, here are some essentials:

  1. Parts of stick blender:
  • Motor: The motor is the primary element of the stick blender. The wired stick blenders motor run when you turn on the switch. Others run through the battery.
  • LED Lights: The LED light denotes the running status of the stick blender. It is mostly in two colors- red and green.
  • On/Off button: It helps you to switch on or off the device manually. It is present in a reachable location for ease of use.
  • Lock button: Press the unlock button before operating the device. It keeps the machine secure during storage.
  • Body of blender: Present on the top of the motor to shield it.
  • Speed controller: Enables you to control the speed according to the recipe.
  • Shaft/connector: Connects the motor to the chopping blade & bar.
  • Blade & bar: It helps in blending the ingredient.
  1. How do the stick blender works?

Assemble all the parts of the blender. Next, immerse the stick blender in the bowl of ingredients. When you turn on the power button, the motor starts functioning. The motor sends the signal to the blade and bar via the connector. The final result is the rotation of the blade and bar at high speed to process the ingredients.

  1. What are the recipes one can prepare from stick blender?
  • Puree soup: Puree soup is required for a variety of dishes. You can prepare it within few seconds.
  • Smoothies: Who does not like to sip delicious and nutritious drink every day?
  • Beating egg: Making yummy egg recipes is now possible in a budget-friendly way.
  • Whipped cream: You do not need to have large space-consuming machines. It will do all the work.
  • Baking batter: Are you a baking lover? It helps to prepare different kinds of batter.
  • Mayonnaise whipping: Within a few minutes, your whipped mayonnaise will be ready to consume.


We hope that you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading & all the best with your shopping!