How To Get 300 Rs Ticket In Tirumala Offline?

The divine abode of Tirumala holds a special place for many devotees seeking a spiritual journey. If you want to obtain a 300 Rs ticket for Tirumala offline, this guide will walk you through the process step by step. So, let’s embark on this sacred adventure and explore how you can secure your ticket for a divine experience.


  • Plan Your Visit

Before diving into the ticketing process, plan your visit to Tirumala. Check the dates of your intended pilgrimage and ensure you have a clear idea of when you’ll arrive. Being prepared will help streamline the ticket acquisition process.

  • Reach Tirumala in Advance

For those aiming to secure a 300 Rs ticket offline, reaching Tirumala in advance is crucial. The offline ticketing process usually begins a day before your intended darshan (visit to the temple). Arriving early ensures you have ample time to complete the necessary steps.

  • Visit the Srinivasam Complex

To acquire your 300 Rs ticket offline, head to the Srinivasam Complex in Tirumala. This location is typically the designated center for offline ticket distribution. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or information centers for any updates on the specific location.

  • Bring Required Identification

Make sure to carry valid identification documents with you. This could include government-issued IDs like Aadhar cards, passports, or other acceptable identification. Having these documents ready will expedite the ticketing process.

  • Reach the Counter Early

As the saying goes, “early bird catches the worm,” arriving at the ticket counter early gives you a better chance of securing the 300 Rs ticket. There might be limited availability, and a queue may form, so being prompt is advantageous.

  • Choose the Type of Darshan

Tirumala offers different types of darshan, each with varying ticket prices. The 300 Rs ticket usually corresponds to a special darshan category, allowing devotees a more direct and quicker experience. Confirm with the ticketing counter that you’re opting for this specific darshan type.

  • Pay the Ticket Fee

Once you’ve selected your darshan type, pay the ticket fee. The cost for the 300 Rs ticket may vary slightly, so it’s essential to confirm the exact amount at the counter. Carry cash to facilitate a smooth transaction.

  • Collect Your Ticket

After completing the payment, you’ll receive your darshan ticket. Ensure all the details on the ticket are accurate, including the darshan type, date, and time. Double-checking these details avoids any issues during your visit to the temple.

  • Follow Temple Guidelines

As a respectful pilgrim, adhere to the guidelines set by the temple authorities. These guidelines may include specific dress codes, rules for personal conduct, and restrictions on carrying certain items into the temple premises. Familiarize yourself with these rules to make your visit seamless.

  • Arrive at the Temple on Time

On the designated day and time mentioned on your ticket, arrive at the temple punctually. The timings are carefully scheduled to manage the flow of devotees, so being on time ensures a smooth and organized darshan experience.

  • Experience the Divine Darshan

Finally, enter the temple premises and savor the divine experience of darshan. The 300 Rs ticket often allows devotees to witness the deity more easily and in a less crowded setting, enhancing the spiritual journey.


Securing a 300 Rs ticket in Tirumala offline is a straightforward process with some planning and adherence to the temple’s guidelines. This divine journey is not just about obtaining a ticket; it’s about the spiritual connection and the sacred experience awaiting you at the heart of Tirumala. May your pilgrimage be filled with peace, devotion, and the blessings of the divine.