How To Get Tirumala Darshan Tickets Offline

Tirumala, with its majestic temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, is a sacred place drawing devotees from far and wide. If you’re eager to secure darshan tickets offline for a divine experience, this guide will walk you through the simple steps. Let’s explore the process of obtaining Tirumala darshan tickets offline and make your spiritual journey smoother.

Plan Your Pilgrimage

Begin your journey by planning your visit to Tirumala. Choose the dates you wish to embark on this spiritual adventure, and be mindful of any special occasions or festivals that might affect the crowd.

Reach Tirumala in Advance

For those seeking offline darshan tickets, arriving in Tirumala a day before your intended visit is smart. This ensures ample time to complete the ticketing process and prepares you for the divine experience.

Head to Srinivasam Complex

To acquire darshan tickets offline, head to the Srinivasam Complex in Tirumala. This is often the designated center for offline ticket distribution. However, it’s wise to check with local authorities or information centers for any updates or changes in the location.

Carry Valid Identification

Ensure you carry valid identification documents with you. This can include Aadhar card, passport, or any other government-issued ID. Having these documents ready will speed up ticketing and avoid unnecessary delays.

Arrive at the Counter Early

The early bird catches the divine darshan! Arrive at the ticket counter early to secure your spot. There may be limited availability for offline tickets, and forming a queue is common, so being prompt enhances your chances.

Choose Your Darshan Type

Tirumala offers various types of darshan, each with different ticket prices. Confirm with the ticketing counter that you’re selecting the specific type of darshan you desire. Common options include Special Entry Darshan, Sarva Darshan, and Divya Darshan.

Pay the Darshan Ticket Fee

Once you’ve chosen your darshan type, proceed to pay the ticket fee. The cost may vary depending on the type of darshan selected, so confirm the exact amount at the counter. Carry cash for a smooth transaction.

Collect Your Darshan Ticket

After completing the payment, you’ll receive your darshan ticket. Verify that all the details, such as darshan type, date, and time, are accurate. This attention to detail ensures a hassle-free experience when you visit the temple.

Familiarize Yourself with Temple Guidelines

Respect the temple’s sanctity by adhering to the guidelines set by the authorities. These guidelines may include dress codes, rules of conduct, and restrictions on carrying certain items. Being aware of and following these rules contributes to a harmonious pilgrimage.

Arrive at the Temple on Time

On the day and time mentioned on your darshan ticket, arrive at the temple punctually. The schedule is meticulously planned to manage the flow of devotees, so being on time ensures a smooth and organized darshan experience.

Immerse Yourself in Divine Darshan

Enter the sacred temple premises and immerse yourself in the divine darshan. Each darshan type offers a unique experience, allowing you to witness the deity with peace and devotion. Let the spiritual energy of Tirumala envelop you during this sacred moment.


Obtaining Tirumala darshan tickets offline is a straightforward process requiring some planning and adherence to temple guidelines. Beyond the logistics, remember that your pilgrimage is not just about securing a ticket; it’s about connecting with the divine and experiencing the spiritual aura of Tirumala. May your journey be filled with blessings, serenity, and a profound connection with the divine presence at the heart of this sacred destination.

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