Geyser Light Indicator Not Working? Possible Fix!

During the winter, a geyser is your best friend. It helps you with a comfortable shower. Moreover, a lot of families also use geysers during the summer. Hot water is very helpful when you have to wash clothes. It can be very inconvenient when the geyser breaks down. Before you call the electrician to check the geyser, we would like you to check some possible fixes. These fixes may help you rectify the issue and save the cost associated with the professional’s fee.

Go ahead and check out the possible fixes for the geyser light indicator not working.

Geyser Light Indicator

Things To Check With The Geyser

1. Electric Connection

The first and the most common problem is the electric connection. There is a possibility that the electrical supply is interrupted. Start by checking the socket. There are times when the socket may burn out due to excessive load. If that is the problem, then you can replace the socket. You must also check if the plug point has issues. If you can establish connectivity, the problem might be something else, and you can move on to the next pointers.

2. LED Light

Is your geyser able to heat water? If it can heat water and if there are no issues with the functionality, then there is a possibility that your LED lights are broken. In such a case, you can ignore the issue. If needed, you can also get the LED lights replaced. This is a very common problem, and many people experience this issue. Many modern-day geysers have gotten rid of this status LED and instead use a monochrome screen.

3. Thermostat

All the geysers are equipped with a thermostat. This device monitors the temperature of the water, and it cuts off the heating element if the water is too hot. This is a very important safety device. If your thermostat is broken, it will not turn on the heating element. In some cases, the broken thermostat can also prevent the heating element from shutting down. The simple fix is to replace the thermostat. Please note that you must never bypass the thermostat circuit, and you must never operate the geyser without the thermostat. This could be very dangerous.

4. Heating Element

If the geyser is not heating, then there is a possibility that the heating element needs replacement. In some cases, the heating element also gets damaged. This usually happens because of corrosion. You will experience a higher failure rate if you have a hard water supply to the geyser. In such a case, we recommend checking the heating element. If the element is broken, then the fix is simple. Drain the water out of the geyser and replace the heating element. This will fix the issues associated with your geyser and the status LED.

5. Internal Circuit

If none of the fixes has worked until now, the internal circuit may have developed an issue. This is where you leave it to the manufacturer or the professionals. They will be able to check the circuit and repair it for you. If the PCB is not repairable, then they can even get a replacement for you. This part of the geyser is highly resilient, and it would not usually fail in the lifetime of the geyser.


We hope that going through the steps above has helped you rectify the issues with the geyser light indicator. If you need any additional help, we recommend reaching out to a professional electrician. Before doing that, you can also check if the geyser is covered under warranty. If it is, you can call the manufacturer, and the geyser can be fixed free of cost.

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