Located in the western part of India, Goa is a great tourist destination. This place is also coined as “Pearl of the Orient”. The serene blue sea and the white beach have always attracted people from various corners of the country. Not only Indians but you can get many foreigners coming to this place to explore its beauty. Goa always remains as a happening state. The people or the residents of this place love to sing and dance. They are a fun-loving person. Even in the 21st century, the area has not lost its essence. You will find that the people of this place love to enjoy their life in the best possible manner.

If you look back to the ancient culture and tradition, you will find that people wore strings of beads and leafy clothes in the form of loincloth. Most of their clothes were made of beads. They used to design their own attires. However, with time concept and outlook of the people changed. But if you look at the tribes of this place, you will find that they still wear traditional dresses. The Kashi, Kunbi, and Zalmi strictly maintain the dress code.

Traditional dress of men in Goa:

Traditional clothing for men and women in Goa

Most men in Goa prefer to wear colorful and vibrant shirts. You can find various prints on their shirt. With shirts they wear half pants. The shirts and pants are of cotton material. This is the main attire of the men in Goa. During any occasion or marriage ceremonies, they wear suits and pants. Most of their suits are black in color. Tie is mandatory with suits. The Koli fisherman does not follow any specific dress code. They mainly wear colorful shirts and pants with a bamboo hat. This gives them a refreshing look. Wearing colorful dresses is the signature and style of the Goa people. The people here prefer wearing fusion dresses. It is applicable for both men and women. It is their everyday fashion.

Traditional dress of women in Goa:

The traditional women’s dress in Goa is Pano Bhaju. If you are in this place, you must try it. This dress adds extra color and brightness to the women. This is why they prefer wearing it. Valkal is another popular costume of Goa women. It is made of loincloth. The tribal people of Dhangar, Kunbi, and Velip prepare this cloth. You must have also heard about Kashti. It is another popular dress of Goa. It is made of loincloth. It is worn with a blanket known as Kunbi Pallo. But when people go to the beautiful beaches in Goa they prefer to wear something easy and comfortable. Most women in Goa prefer wearing western outfits which may commence from hot pants and shirts to bikinis. During wedding season, the bride wears a long white dress till ankle. Their dress is known as gowns. It should be virgin white and should come to the ankle-length. The bride also puts a veil on their head decorated with flowers and other things. The gowns are available in full-sleeves. The women’s look stunning in this apparel.

Unique and traditional festivals of Goa:

The people of Goa celebrate all their festivals in a significant way. The fairs and other events in Goa are attractive and happening. You will come across many events that are hardly found in any other places. Monsoon festival of Goa, Christmas, New Year celebration, and Festival of Three Kings Feast are some of the noted occasions of Goa. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. Feast of St. Francis Xavier is another famous festival in Goa. He was a popular saint of Goa who died in Old Goa. Every year on 3rd December is celebrated as death anniversary of St. Francis Xavier when people accumulate and offer their prayers to the saint.

Shigmo is another famous festival of Goa. It is celebrated during the springtime. It continues for five days. People also call this festival as Shigmotsav. This festival is celebrated to honor and show respect to the warriors who came home after defeating the invaders.  People play Holi and they dance by holding an umbrella or a small stick. Sao Joao is a great festival of Goa celebrated on 24th of June every year. It is celebrated to honor the catholic community. People visit the church and offer their prayers. The young people of the village wear leaves and fruit crowns on their head.


Many people have the dream to visit Goa. This land is always famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, culture, ethics, and costumes. You will get many people who love to try their dresses. Once you step into the beach, many local people will sell the costumes. It would be good if you buy such clothes and try them to get a different look.

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